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Portfolio Returns, Hughes’ Death Place, Celebs Shill on Facebook

Portfolio Returns, Hughes' Death Place, Celebs Shill on Facebook

Thompson on Hollywood

Movieline writer Stu Van Airsdale tracked down the site where John Hughes left this mortal coil.

The NYT gets around to the self-distribution indie story.

Portfolio is back–as a Conde Nast online biz portal.

Can celebs make money shilling goods on Facebook?

Steven Soderbergh’s Toronto-bound Matt Damon comedy The Informant! has a cool new poster:

Thompson on Hollywood

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Jake Yenor

everyone shills on facebook

– Jake Yenor

Anne Thompson

Believe me, Soderbergh still wants to have it both ways. Even though he’s an intellectual art filmmaker at heart, once you’ve played in the big studio playpen–money, stature, power, clout–it is very hard to give that up to be a mere micro-indie. I hear he tried hard to make The Informant! commercial. We will see.

Gary Meyer

The self-distribution story alternates with the annual “There is a female film audience after all” story that I expected after J & J opened but may still come after TIME TRAVELER”S WIFE this weekend….too bad it didn’t wait a week so the two films aren’t competing for much of the same women.

Ryan Sartor

The main studio film that I’m looking forward to is “The Informant!” I just know that it won’t make money. And I hate when studios invest a lot of coin in different posters, trailers, ads because it just gives them fuel to say, “Well, look at all this money we lost making art!”

I think people like Soderbergh should just go the “Ballast” route and distribute films themselves. He should get some money from Wild Bunch or HDNet and make whatever he wants. “The Girlfriend Experience” looks great. Spend no money, don’t depend on the studios. He already has his Oscar, there’s nothing these suits can give him.

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