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Redbox Explosion: Movies and Shakers

Redbox Explosion: Movies and Shakers

Swiftly growing lures potential customers into its jaws with nifty charts like this one: where do people spend money on movies? The answer: Redbox is exploding.

If the studios rely on their share of DVD sales for their survival, it makes sense that the ones resisting Redbox are not just being greedy if they want to stave off a huge slash in their annual income. The obvious solution –which I predict will come sooner rather than later –is that a studio will buy Redbox. The Wrap’s Michael Speier explores what’s at stake. Homevideo wonk Diane Garrett is also tracking this huge developing story.


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Ryan Sartor

Not to be negative, but it’s really interesting to me that Variety is now writing a story about Redbox, almost a full week after you started talking about it.

Thompson on Hollywood was Variety’s best asset. Now they seem fairly slow. I even see Hollywood Reporter scooping them regularly!


“The obvious solution—which I predict will come sooner rather than later—is that a studio will buy Redbox.” ….ROFLMAO! Coinstar knew a great thing when they saw it. Redbox feeds to Coinstar’s strengths.

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