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Talk Conjures Era, Movie Jargon, Fantastic, Other, Serious Trailers

Talk Conjures Era, Movie Jargon, Fantastic, Other, Serious Trailers

Thompson on Hollywood

Every day, I round up some items for your delectation:

David Carr remembers the age of Talk. So does Tina Brown.

Thompson on Hollywood

One kvetch from the other side of the pond doesn’t realize that much of his least favorite jargon comes from Variety, which announces that Brit heartthrob David Tennant’s Hamlet will air on PBS.

I recommend the Sundance crowd-pleaser, the eco-thriller doc The Cove, which is definitely not for younger kids. It’s as disturbing as it is entertaining.

Here’s a round-up of cool trailers: It’s hard to tell what to make of Wes Anderson’s intriguing fuzzy animated movie The Fantastic Mr. Fox. We’ve never seen anything quite like this before. And George Clooney is a definite plus:

Richard Eyre’s The Other Man looks terrific: Liam Neeson is in Taken-mode as a cuckold who isn’t willing to lose Laura Linney to wife-stealer Antonio Banderas:

I’m there for the Coens every time. A Serious Man is set during their mid-west youth in 1967, as a physics professor (theater actor Michael Stuhlbarg) faces a life crisis:

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Side note followup: Three letter domain names are at best very expensive and an exclamation point isn’t a valid domain name character. I’m sure your friendly business advice is appreciated regardless Mr. Sartor.

Ryan Sartor

I’m really excited for “The Fantastic Mr. Fox.” I thought it would be Wes Anderson selling out, but it seems as if it keeps his voice intact.

Side note: You should get the domain or toh!.com.

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