Weekend Box Office, Surviving Newspapers, Revisiting the 80s

Weekend Box Office, Surviving Newspapers, Revisiting the 80s

Thompson on Hollywood

It’s no surprise that G.I. Joe, which has been described as a bad movie that is fun, grossed $100 million around the world this weekend. But the $175-million action adventure’s 18% drop from Friday to Saturday suggests that word-of-mouth could cause a sizable plummet next weekend. Judd Apatow’s Funny People also dropped Friday to Saturday, followed by a 65% drop the following weekend. Nonetheless, Paramount is optimistically planning a G.I. Joe sequel.

Costing $40 million, Julie & Julia pulled older women for a strong $20-million opening. Cold Souls led new indie openers.

Kim Masters unveils the real World War II Inglourious Basterds.

While Seattle’s newspaper is thriving in a one-daily town, Ann Arbor kills its newspaper to save it.

IndieWire’s Eugene Hernandez explores the culture of the 80s.

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Seems sad that films like GI Joe clean up at the box office when really meaningful films are marginalized essentially. Must be why we’re such
a schizoid society and the world is so bizarre. Hope the Hollywood trash
gets their comeuppance someday and there can be a new wave of truly
great films to take us into the future.
Commercial Hollywood fare really is so toxic it should almost be a crime.

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