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At the Movies Debuts New Hosts

At the Movies Debuts New Hosts

Thompson on Hollywood

Thank the Lord for small favors. Michael Phillips and Tony Scott (he should ditch the too-formal A.O.–this is about relating to people, folks) have debuted their new At the Movies format. It’s fine by me. They are still a tad stilted–they’ve never worked together before. Phillips has more experience as a co-host than Scott. But they’ll loosen up and let the fur fly. It already feels so much better. I hope it works. I like the idea of looking at past classics, too.

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Well philyc, A.O. are obviously initials…the A. must stand for Anthony, hence the moniker Tony, and who the hell cares what the guy’s middle name is?

Whatever the O. stands for, I’m thanking the lord right now too…just last month, I was lamenting the demise of my favorite show since childhood (whose bonehead idea was it to replace Roeper and Phillips with those two schmucks…geez) and low and behold the universe heard my cry…while you’re listening lord, can’t you do a little something something to resurrect “My Name is Earl?” (seriously, you’re obviously listening, right?)

Crow T Robot

I think we’re going to know everything we need to know about these two in the coming months when they (hopefully) review the decade that was and put it in context of previous decades of cinema. If their assessment is reasoned and insightful, they’ll win out hearts. It’s good timing.

As for Sunday’s debut, I really liked seeing calm level-headed criticism come back to TV. You almost never see that on the web these days, which has been reduced to macho posturing. The two have a good chemistry that’s unique to their own personalities… not mere Gene and Roger knockoffs. I wish them best.

(That said, I think they can do better than that awful drab set. Bring back the balcony!)


What the hell does A.O. mean/stand for? Certainly can’t find anything through a Yahoo search…or Wikipedia.


Wonderful!– Richard Roeper’s two best co-hosts. I will start watching again after opting out after one viewing of the Bens (I’m not sure about the names).
Thank you, Disney, or whoever… I’ve missed this show.


I missed the debut but I don’t care, I’m happy that intelligent people are discussing movies on TV once again. It will be part of my weekly watch.

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