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Bad B.O. Weekend: Surrogates, Fame Flop, Capitalism Scores

Bad B.O. Weekend: Surrogates, Fame Flop, Capitalism Scores

Thompson on Hollywood

It was a nasty weekend for studio openers. Disney’s $80-million robot thriller Surrogates, starring Bruce Willis, flopped with an estimated $15-million opening; MGM’s sagging fortunes were not buttressed by the ill-conceived $18-million teen musical remake Fame, the only movie they’ve opened in months. They marketed the hell out of it. They just missed the mark with audiences.

Better news for indie fare, as Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story opened magnificently; so did biopic Coco Before Chanel, starring Audrey Tautou as the French fashion icon. (Overture could take comfort in its lousy Pandorum opening with the strong Capitalism numbers.)

New distrib Apparition’s Bright Star recovered from last week’s modest Rosh Hoshanah opening with a strong weekend-to-weekend hold; it seems to be building a following with the smart-house crowd. Saturday marked a 69% increase over Friday, the largest increase of any of the top films in release except family picture Cloudy with Meatballs, which is at this point the brightest star in the box office firmament.

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Anne Thompson

It opened magnificently in limited release, not on its wider breakout this past weekend, when it did just fine.

Matt Cantley

Michael Moore’s movie opened “magnificently”? Sorry, but you can’t spin this one. His movie threw up some pretty bad #’s. Enough to make it a flop actually. 962 theaters and only brought in 1.8 mil. I call that an epic failure.

Anne Thompson

Moore picture opened limited in NY and LA–goes wider October 2.


Capitalism: A Love Story opened magnificently??? I thought it’s only releasing on Oct 2!

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