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CineVegas Cancels 2010 Edition

CineVegas Cancels 2010 Edition

There will be no 2010 CineVegas Film Festival. Festival President Robin Greenspun and Artistic Director Trevor Groth announced today that the event will be cancelled due to the economic downturn.

“Given the current economic climate and the pressures it has created, we made the difficult decision to put CineVegas on hiatus for the coming year,” Greenspun said in a statement. “CineVegas has become such a well respected film festival, and rather than allow the economy to affect its level of quality we have opted to put the event on hold.”

“We are so proud that CineVegas has grown to become a premiere showcase for uninhibited filmmakers and a scintillating festival experience for our attendees,” Groth added in a statement. “CineVegas has developed a growing legion of supporters over the years who truly appreciate film and life on the edge, and we thank them for all of their support. We are very sad to be announcing this hiatus, but it is our hope to keep the CineVegas brand alive and re-launch the Festival once the economy recovers.”

CineVegas will continue to have a presence in Las Vegas with one off screenings and special events. This year’s fest was held June 10 – 15, 2009 at the Palms Casino Resort and Brenden Theatres.

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In their statement, they said, “…rather than allow the economy to affect its level of quality we have opted to put the event on hold.” Well guess what? The level of quality now is NON-existent, as in no quality whatsoever. In this economic climate, every arts organization has to make tough choices. They make fewer films with smaller budgets. Theatres produce plays with smaller casts. But they don’t just fold up. Because they recognize that it’s not only about them. Whole communities of artists grow up around these organizations and make decisions based on their existence. By suddenly closing, CineVegas has let down scores of filmmakers who counted on being able to launch their films there, even if they would have been competing in a downsized event. Furthermore, it sends a rather chilling message to the independent film community at large: “better to quit rather than risk the glory of your reputation by producing something more modest.”


There are just reasons for an explanation of “why”, Robin Greenspun and Trevor Groth, decided to cancel this Film Festival, other than ‘economic reasons’…

I get the economy. This event may have been poorly handled. Never take ‘No’ for an answer. That is weak.

Anyone ready to roll over and agree they made a sound business decision, is acting sheep-like in a sea of wolves.

There absolutely seems to be circumstances, that are not being disclosed, to you all. Since, you are the “customer” and the artists, Solutions, answers or ‘reasons to roll-over’, should be transparent and fully disclosed and forthcoming.

Las Vegas has a numerous amount of Resorts that may wish to take this on. Now would be time to plan for next year.
There are museums, and the like that all support art, as well as the Mayor.

My question would be, what alternative avenues or contingency plans have been exercised and exhausted before coming to the conclusion of quitting?

You don’t just quit and submit a ridiculously weak message and insult all participants. It is saddening at best.

Good business leaders never quit, without exhausting contingency plans, and demonstrating leadership through accountability to the people they serve, which are all of you artists that participate in these worthwhile endeavors.

They should either exhaust other possibilities, or step aside. I am certain a
group of people could be assembled to take this on.

Who have they, Robin Greenspun and Trevor Groth, tried to call to save this Festival?

Let’s support the movies we love by keeping your Festival vibrant ..



I trust that the CineVegas leadership team made the decision they felt was right for the festival at this time. Only they really have the details.

I’m not sure how anyone can say other festivals should take a hiatus as well.

While there are more film festivals than ever, and the always tough task of fundraising is increasingly difficult, it’s really up to each festival to make decisions about how and whether to operate.

CineVegas is one of the good ones, for sure, so let’s hope they make it back to full force soon!


Why is this the right thing? How about some details? It’s frankly, a little condescending. Why do all programming heads speak in language that proclaims they never take a crap?


A wise decision for now, even if a sad one. It would be good if other festivals would follow your example.

Betsy McLane


This is a momentary disappointment for industry and filmmakers alike. But much respect for the CineVegas team for doing the right thing in difficult times. Smart peeps with good taste always emerge on top!

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