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Introducing New At the Movies Team

Introducing New At the Movies Team

Thompson on Hollywood

After they got the sack, the young and callow two Bens vanished from At the Movies, which is now gearing up for a Labor Day Weekend reboot. Just watching this preview of the Chicago Tribune’s Michael Phillips and the New York Times’ A.O. Scott makes me eager to get back into the At the Movies habit, spending time with two brainy film critics who will dig way deeper into movies than any ATM team since the original Ebert and Siskel. At a time when the overall film discussion seems to be dumbing down, these guys are going to smarten things up. Thank God.

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Like “Star Trek”, a great franchise is reborn. I look forward to once again tuning in to “At The Movies.”


“It’s this kind of backwards thinking that leads to people being hired solely on the merit of what they look like and not what they can bring to the table.”
Well said B Groves.
Simply put, the producers are putting two of the most qualified people (aside from R Roeper) who proved in the previous version of the show that their knowledge and experience translated well to the screen.

B Groves

“Another duo of white males” is a typical response from a person so shallow they can’t look beyond the colour of one’s skin and into the content of their character. It’s this kind of backwards thinking that leads to people being hired solely on the merit of what they look like and not what they can bring to the table.

Gab and Dad

Thank God indeed! I really missed the original duo, but did enjoy these two the most as past guest critics. I do believe it will revitalize what this show was meant to be, satisfying old fans and hopefully attracting new ones.

For a different smart reviewing duo, check out my reviews with my father!

Michael Hughes

Those who consider Scott smug are merely expressing their intimidation at his ability to think clearly and quickly about film. He arrives at a conclusion quickly; that’s his job. He is opinionated; that’s his job.

As for people deriding the show for yet again only having white, male hosts, it’s a valid concern, certainly, but not a reason to dismiss the show or the critics out of hand.

tired of seeing the same ol' s@#%

I’m with you deaf Indian. Even though I’m sure these two ‘yet again’ white males are qualified, I have to bet that there are equally qualified women/minorities, who are still sadly absent from shows & forums like this, et al. Get out of the dark ages ATM.
1909 or 2009?… It all depends on who you ask!


Both of these guys are overwhelmingly smug, and snarky, and after watching this… I think they may be sleeping with each other as well. But all that aside, nothing, absolutely NOTHING, can be worse than the Two Bens. Ben Lyons getting fired was the greatest news since Perez Hilton getting punched in the face.

Tired of Bad Attitudes and Foul Language Being "Hi

Really? We enjoy snark? I’m actually tired of it and wish that the entertainment community would reach for a higher standard, then always digging lower and lower.

The Perez Hilton’s of the world should not be the future.


why are they practically sitting on each others laps??? surely Disney can afford a large enough studio to shoot this in… not sure why they are so un-naturally close to each other. However besides the set (and over glam’d promo), i have no doubt these guys will be very good.


I may have missed it, but I don’t think that nearly five-minute clip included a single excerpt of either critic saying a negative thing about the movies they were reviewing. Lots of quick, positive comments about the unnamed films being reviewed. That’s an interesting strategy in an age where so many potential viewers, even the more film-savvy, enjoy snark and critical slams.


I’ll be watching, and daresay the two Bens will end up on local access cable where they belong.

Deaf Indian Muslim Anarchist

great. Another duo of white males! Nothing has changed.

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