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Polanski Update: Wanted and Desired

Polanski Update: Wanted and Desired

Thompson on Hollywood

I buy the argument that L.A prosecutors woke up to the Roman Polanski case, 31 years old, after Marina Zenovich’s Wanted and Desired stirred up a hornet’s nest. Michael Wolff explains why the motivations of the LA prosecutors office changed.

Here’s A.P.’s Monday update. Meanwhile Salon reminds us in gory detail of why Polanski pleaded guilty in the first place.

The Guardian offers a photo history of Polanski.

Polanski’s arrest sparks a European protest. The LAT reports.

At least one juror is boycotting the Zurich Film Festival over the Roman Polanski arrest:

Studio Babelsberg producer Henning Molfenter, scheduled to attend the Zurich Film Festival as a member jury judging German-language films, is boycotting the festival to protest Saturday’s arrest of director Roman Polanski. Fellow jury members — actor Til Schweiger and composer Niki Reiser — are expected to follow suit. Zurich’s international jury — headed by actress Debra Winger — will make a statement on Polanski’s arrest at 12:30 p.m. local time.

UPDATE: Here’s video of the Zurich jury’s statement, read by Debra Winger:

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Polanski’s 30 year old case uncovers the continuing Judicial Misconduct at Santa Monica Courthouse California and shows he is being discriminated against under the color of State Law, and it also emphasizes that the Justice at Santa Monica Courthouse is a bully and is not blind regardless of whether you allegedly perpetrated the sexual assault or whether you are the victim of it.

See another example of Judicial Misconduct at Santa Monica Courthouse;_url=//

Franny Sudits

Uh.. I really don’t get why everyone is rallying behind Polanski.. He RAPED a 13 year old girl. Even if she was willing, at that age, IT’S RAPE. Who cares how long ago it was? The victim herself has said that what he did was wrong and that ideally she’d like him to accept his punishment for it. But, since he won’t, she has asked for the furor to be dismissed. However, that does not mean that what he did was right. HE RAPED A 13 YEAR OLD GIRL. It doesn’t matter how great his art is. He should be punished. And then finally the victim can put it all behind her. As part of the film making community, I am shocked at all the support he is getting. Shocked.

Anne Thompson

Joe, Wolff’s theory explains why the prosecutors changed their game plan–Polanski had been accustomed to traveling freely to Switzerland. Yes, I think he should come home and face his long-overdue sentencing, see what happens. (Maybe he gets off easy.) The people signing petitions seeking his release, from Harvey Weinstein to Woody Allen (!), are not taking Polanski’s original crime seriously enough. I was surprised by the tenor of the Zurich jury statement, which suggested that what Polanski had done was dismissible altogether. The LAT’s Steve Lopez states the case against Polanski today:,0,4549479.column

Trudy Seabrook

“All but dead”? I can guarandamntee you Ms. Winger, the subject is not all but dead to the now-grown woman that didn’t get her justice. She’s just decided that three decades is enough time for everyone to forget a time that he was balls deep into an eighth grader? I hate to break to you Ms. Winger, but there are in fact unforgivable crimes, and fucking a kid is absolutely one of them. The fact that the woman is now forty-something and sorted herself out changes nothing. The fact that Mr. Polanski has made some mighty fine movies changes NOTHING. He did the crime and dodged doing the time.

Genius molesters are still molesters and don’t get the remotest shot at forgiveness until they ATONE. Dodging countries with extradition laws is not atonement. I was raped when I was nine years old. I’m now 43 and I can remember everything that happened that night with crystal clarity. It doesn’t define me,like it did in my teens, but I can tell you, the fact that the guy went to jail played a great part in my recovery. I really don’t give a rat’s tiny pucker how “poor Roman” is faring through all this. It’s about bloody time he pays in some fashion, even if it only amounts to steep legal bills. That 13 year old girl deserves her justice. I hope she gets it.

Joseph Angier

Frankly, Michael Wolff seems to be off his rocker (and I’m surprised you linked to him). An opportunistic prosecutor is more dangerous than a child molester? Really?


Thanks for posting this clip Anne. A three decade old case that’s all but dead? Not going to diss the messenger here (Mrs. Winger) but it is not all but dead. If only statutory rape were something that dies and goes away for the victim. But it doesn’t. Wonder how the multiple violations against the victim’s body would inform her art? Honestly, enough of the ‘Poor Roman’ thing.

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