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Rotten Tomatoes Lists the Worst of the Worst

Rotten Tomatoes Lists the Worst of the Worst

Thompson on Hollywood

Rotten Tomatoes has collected their reviews and collated the worst-of-the-worst films of the 21st century. Whiteout—how many of Joel Silver’s films are on this list, I wonder?—ranks at number 100. What’s number one? Check out the lowest Tomatometers of the decade. All of the films on this year’s list scored below an 8% Tomatometer score; the top 14 all have 0%. Twelve Oscar-winners starred in a “worst” film: Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro star in two. The comedy genre outpaces any other on the list, with 35. 2002 was the worst year of the decade, with 16 worst movies. Carmen Electra starred in more worst films, six, than any one else.

Uwe Boll and the directing team of Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer have four movies each on the list, more than any other director; John Whitesell and Peter Hyams have two. Read it and weep.

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Joe Valdez

Thanks for recapping the repeat offenders on the Rotten Tomatoes Worst List, Anne. Your blurb was much more enlightening than that list. So Jamie Kennedy and Larry the Cable Guy make awful movies? Who was not already aware of this information?

I think that list was an insult to bad movie lovers. I would have preferred a list of Biggest Letdowns, movies that could have actually been good, should have been good, but weren’t.


Roughly half the movies on that list were unfamiliar to me. I’ve only seen one on the list–YU-GI-OH THE MOVIE, which I saw only because I feel obligated to see every Japanese animated film that gets a theatrical release. I’ve seen equally obscure films that were much more deserving to be on that list, e.g. IDLEWILD. Overall, I’d much rather put mainstream, critically acclaimed films on that list. Y’know, things like CRASH, HULK, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, CADILLAC RECORDS, WATCHMEN, ADAPTATION, TRANSFORMERS 2, DUPLICITY, SHARK TALE, CHICKEN LITTLE, OCEAN’S ELEVEN, TWELVE and THIRTEEN, etc.

Don Murphy

The fact that you love this worthless and useless site so much continues to be a strike against you


anne, just a thought — if u can, have the links to other sites open in a new window. once i get dragged away i’m gone til next time usually


Don Murphy

There is only a conundrum to an idiot like yourself who can’t mind his own business. I love Anne and her work. Critics ceased to matter three years ago and she is obsessed with these aggregators who try to prove otherwise. Now go back to the kiddie table and stfu.

Alan Green

Don (Murphy) (commenter above). not to point out the obvious logical conundrum, but why do you visit this site? to keep tabs on what is, in your words, not worth keeping tabs on?

anne, i nominate righteous kill and 88 minutes. what has happened to al and bob? did not see whiteout but it gets my vote too (you can tell a lot from trailers and plot summaries).

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