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TIFF#: Michael Moore Talks Capitalism: A Love Story

TIFF#: Michael Moore Talks Capitalism: A Love Story

Thompson on Hollywood

With his latest agit-prop documentary Capitalism: A Love Story, Michael Moore delivers a scathing, entertaining portrait of how America’s “greed is good” credo got us to where we are today. As the country heads toward recovery, the movie remains timely and accommodates the new Obama perspective. But the doc, which Overture opens limited in NY and LA on September 23, feels slightly unfocused.

I asked Moore how he organized his subject:

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And he tells me how he found the amazing video of FDR, shot a year before his death:

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[The trailer is on the jump]

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Mr. Moore is little more than a lot of hot air, he manipulates his stories and those he interviews, chops up what they say from various events and rewrites the things they say to make them look stupid. A half way decent puppeteer but like most side shows it’s only worth a glance. He preaches to the liberal choir without making any effort at a reasonable or compelling audience. It seems the only fans he has are that same choir he tells them what they want to hear knowing most will never check his facts or require him to back up his nonsense. Admittedly many of his targets are stupid but he stretches the truth far too much, only illustrates arguments to support his views rather than being a truth seeker, he self aggrandizement is matched only by his lack of taste or ability to dress himself.

There are lots of juvenile movies at the theater and I don’t waste my time on them or my money, he fits right in with the other clowns who make their money on shock or gutter bathroom jokes, rather than plot or or compelling story he fits right in with the clowns only most dress better doing it.

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