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Weekend Box Office: Jennifer’s Body Horror Tweener

Weekend Box Office: Jennifer's Body Horror Tweener

Thompson on Hollywood

As predicted, Jennifer’s Body opened soft at the boxoffice. Fox marketed a horror movie aimed at men, who like Megan Fox. Twentieth Century Fox hung the marketing on the Transformers star, but girls don’t want to see her. The studio failed to get women to watch Karyn Kusama and Diablo Cody’s angry feminist movie. Thus Jennifer’s Body is a classic tweener: neither a horror thriller for men, nor a coming-of-age horror-comedy for women. (It didn’t earn strong reviews.) If Searchlight had marketed it, they might have been able to target the right smart crowd. (At a low-end cost of $16 million, the movie should come out ahead in any case.)

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Brandon Gray made some very insightful points. (I don’t think that a man-eating demon can’t attract male, though; what about”Basic Instinct”?)


I think the main problem is that the film was terrible. Hopefully we’ll now see the back of Fox, after all, we’ve seen plenty of her front.


One last time. Megan Fox is NOT hot. She’s a creepy, totally unsexy, irritating, robotic, department store mannequin. One of those Transformers has more emotional range than she does.

Crow T Robot

Dear Megan Fox,

That career you want. The one where you’re an undeniably gorgeous woman whose also taken seriously as an actress (like Cameron Diaz and Catherin Zeta Jones and Angelina Jolie)… YOU CAN HAVE THAT.

Yes you!

It’s very simple. All you have to do is refuse Transformers 3.

It wouldn’t be easy. You’d be giving up a heck of lot of cash that year. And another summer of high profile magazine covers. And Access Hollywood segments.

But you’ll endear yourself to Michael Bay loathers in town and show once and for all that you’re not just a piece of meat. It would also legitimize you as a genuine bad girl who has a middle finger and knows how to use it.

Real directors would look at you in a different light. All that Catwoman gossip wouldn’t sound so silly now.

I’m just saying. Think about it. You have a few months.


Why don’t you guys do some research before spouting nonsense. The audience is young women and not because their boyfriends –

Here’s a quote from last weeks New York Times –

And the fact is: Research shows that women love horror movies. Debbie Liebling, the former president for production at Fox Atomic, a studio for low-budget, teen-oriented genre films like Turistas, doesn’t get it: “I’m not sure what the attraction is, psychologically, for females,” she says. “I would love to know why girls are going to see Saw, because I have no idea.”

The quote from a Studio production chief explains what’s wrong with the people who run the studios. Instead of looking at the numbers which do not lie – they believe what they believe like the other posters on this site, Ann and they make movies that do not please the core audience.

Horror films are for women so casting Megan Fox who women do not seem to like in the least was a stupid, stupid idea. Add the blowback on Diablo Cody and you have a film that won’t get it’s P & A costs back.


Bill, you are correct in thinking that women are very important for horror movies, but only because they go on dates with their BOYFRIENDS. So it has to appeal to both.

The problem with JB is that the marketing does not appeal to your run-of-the-mill idiot teenagers who usually see all the horror movies. And since the reviews were AWFUL, the hipster crowd stayed away, too.

“The prime horror audience is not men – it is 16 to 34 year old women.”


Megan Fox

People keep saying that Megan Fox is a giant movie star. I think it may be time to step back and take a closer look at this. Other than “Transformers” I don’t think there is evidence for this. She was also in the flop “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People” in addition to this weekend’s fiasco.


Megan Fox tribute


Since WHEN is the prime horror audience 16 to 34 year old females?

If these facts, Bill, are indeed accurate then it could explain the expedient departure of SORORITY ROW from the weekend box office top ten.

I always thought young males dragged their lady friends to see scary movies… my bad.



How do you continue to have a job when you know nothing about movies?

1. The prime horror audience is not men – it is 16 to 34 year old women. So, this film was screwed from the start.

2. Do you really think that the Fox Searchlight people didn’t have input in the marketing of this film? Seriously, it used the Juno play book to a tee. Use TIFF like the cuckolded marketing tool that it has become, promote to hipsters, get Roger Ebert to shill for the film. (Does dude even watch films anymore?)

3. No way does this film make money. It will end up with straight to DVD numbers for the opening weekend which means that most of the theatrical will will end up covering P & A costs. It won’t have much foreign. And the DVD market is extremely soft.

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