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Who Should Play Barbie?

Who Should Play Barbie?

Thompson on Hollywood

Of course we don’t even know what take Universal will have on its live-action movie based on Mattel’s 50-year-old Barbie doll. Will it be a broad family comedy? What period? Tone? Mattel’s sixteen animated videos sold 75 million units worldwide. Now they’re gearing up a movie based on the universally recognized girl toy.

The blogosphere is already throwing casting ideas around. It’s fascinating who people think Barbie should be. Is she 20 or 30-something? She’s been everything over the years: college student, housewife, secretary. I suspect they should cast an unknown as the impossibly long-legged, wasp-waisted, pointy-boobed blonde, a la Christopher Reeve and Superman.

Most serious actresses would turn their nose up at the role. But let’s play the casting game anyway. Here are some of the names I culled from the internet. Who did we miss?

Who should play Barbie?
Katharine Heigl
Scarlett Johansson
Reese Witherspoon
Angelina Jolie
Charlize Theron
Amy Adams
Kate Bosworth
Amanda Seyfried
Christine Taylor
Christina Applegate
January Jones
Taylor Swift
Jessica Simpson
Christina Aguilera
Kristen Bell
Blake Lively
Cat Deeley
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Big Show Management

All they need now is an update to that old Barbie song to something thats up to date. Check out and hear the hottest ‘BARBIE GIRL” ever.


I hope they get Todd Haynes to direct.

R Vaughan

None of the above.

What about Jennifer Love Hewitt,LOL?!


Jessica Alba seven or eight years ago would have been perfect.

Today, though, if Megan Fox was cast in the role, I’d definitely go see the movie. And cast Ellen Page as her nerdy best friend who gets a makeover half-way through the film and steals Ken away from Megan.

So who should play Ken? I can’t help you out there.


Barbie should be cast just like I’m Not There: multiple women (and maybe a man) of varying ages playing Barbie. It seems simple to me.


As long as Beyonce gets the role of Christie, Barbie’s black friend, no one will care who plays Barbie.


I keep hoping this is going to be a film of Marc Shaiman’s first show Barbie – The Musical.

Ron Taylor

Agree with Jane, not much brain power has been used in
makiking a decision to film Barbie. Unless you take into Basic
Instinct territory. Now that would be creative.


I think the mere fact that Barbie is being made into a movie only increases the fact that I have lost faith in the human race as well as the originality of Hollywood.

Daryl Zer0

I think Busy Philips should play her. After all, she was paid to play her when she was younger.


I think they should make her black.


Most of them are too old! Actually Jessica Simpson is perfect.


Reese Witherspoon is a give in…. who better then Elle Woods to play Barbie


My first thought was Jaime Pressly.

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