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About The Playlist

About The Playlist

The obsessives’ guide to contemporary cinema via film news, reviews, movie music, soundtracks, DVDs and more. This is how we essentially describe what we call The Playlist.

Founded in 2000 by Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist began as a music email zine and lasted until about 2003. It was then revitalized in 2007 as a film soundtracks blog: it was known as the “sweet spot where music and movies meet.” But just like its transformation from straight music coverage to soundtracks coverage, The Playlist’s modus operandi has always been about evolution and growth, and the team soon outgrew its niche corner-of-the-universe soundtrack coverage and evolved into a film blog.

Kevin Jagernauth joined the team in 2008 and by 2009 had become its Managing Editor. Teammates have come and gone over the years, but the spirit, voice and tone of the site has always remained consistent, an intelligent, occasionally snarky or vitriolic view/takedown of Hollywood, indie films, soundtracks and more. The goal: a wide and eclectic examination of movies, whether they be big, blockbuster, indie, mid-sized, micro-budgeted… the list goes on.

Feel free to email us with tips, news, links, gossip, rumors, or just to say hello.

You can find out about the ladies and gentleman who run The Playlist, by going to our staff page (please forgive our appearance as we go through renovations). Play nice.

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kunjbihari Nishad

Super Trailer

Rich & Lux

Hi, underwater geishas, luxury and vice in our new music video "Trapped In The Jacuzzi" chk out – youtube rich & lux

Rich & Lux


I live in mexicoand would reallly like to watch the films you´ve got on your playlist. But the webpage wouldn´t allow me cause it says that your video library can only be streamed within the U.S.A. Is there something I can do to have acces?? I mean… some advice or is there a way for me to achieve watching them? Thanks for reading… I hope you answer. ;)

tupaq felber

guys. love this site and want to send you a bit of news, but the e-mail link doesn't seem to be working. Can someone drop me a line with it please. THANK YOU! FOR EVERYTHING!! X

Nanette M.

Mr. Perez, this has been a long time coming, but I have wanted to wish you congratulations on the success of the Playlist. I fondly remember your music email zine and am really in awe of what it has become. The Playlist is awesome!!


DOH! Though it was over when I got hooked on SHADOW AND ACT! But NNNOOOOOOOO, now a friend sends me a PLAYLIST link. Stop me before I Bookmarks Bar AGAIN!!! Seriously this site looketh promising.

norma rosas bustamante

I have been going to the movies two times a week since I can rememeber, I live and am from Tijuana, I read, write, take pictures, dance, watch films,cook, hang out with my eght year old and my three dogs, six rabbits, parrot, four love birds, two ducks….I am growing organic vegetables, and anyway I love films , music, photography, beauty!

Peter Robertson

Re: Your steadicam feature, you may want to check out the 'Bahnhoff Rumble' (with excellent Chemical Brothers soundtrack) in the film 'Hanna' and also the ballroom sequence and 'Oblonsky's Office sequence in the recently released 'Anna Karenina' for further examples of long one-take steadicam scenes. It may not surprise you that both films are also directed by Joe Wright of Atonement fame.


I went to your site to see clips from THE HUNT. There was so much advertising that I'll never visit the site again. And you could'a had me at 'hello'…


ditto to the above


Just discovered your website. It's terrific. I'll be a regular visitor.

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