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AFM: Big Titles For Sale from Redford, Soderbergh, Sheridan

AFM: Big Titles For Sale from Redford, Soderbergh, Sheridan

Thompson on Hollywood

In the midst of trying times for the film industry, as the American Film Market gets under way in Santa Monica November 4 through 11, the presence of three high-profile projects is making buyers feel better about their prospects.

Scripts are circulating in advance of the global indie market for Steven Soderbergh’s Liberace, with Michael Douglas set to star as the flamboyant Vegas pianist, and Matt Damon as his partner; Robert Redford’s The Conspirator, a post-Civil War drama set inside a nest of Lincoln assassination plotters, starring James McAvoy, Robin Wright Penn, Kevin Kline and Danny Huston; and Irish writer-director Jim Sheridan’s psychological thriller Dream House, starring Daniel Craig.

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it’s difficult to fathom what a movie about liberace’s love life with douglas and damon directed by soderbergh will be like. you have to wonder what kind of energy that will have

soderbergh’s informant captured subtle character tics that played naturally, reveal personality, and hint at what lies ahead without coming off as mannerism or caricature — that will certainly be needed for this project. will see this just to find out how soderbergh tackled subject.

will see conspirator for the performances. must see dream house


Michael Douglas as Liberace?!!!
What, Leonardo di Caprio wasn’t available?
Or Hilary Swank? (At least she’s got the teeth.)

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