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Jackman Passes as Oscar Host: New Poll

Jackman Passes as Oscar Host: New Poll

Thompson on Hollywood

Hugh Jackman won our Oscar Host Poll hands down. Now that the song-and-dance man has officially passed on hosting this year’s Oscarcast, who should it be?

It won’t be Ricky Gervais; the Academy would NEVER pick up a leftover host from the Golden Globes. While Tony and Emmy host Neil Patrick Harris proved his chops as a stellar musical performer, he resides in theater and TV land. But with musical maven Adam Shankman as co-producer, Patrick Harris could fit the bill. The Academy liked the direction the show took last year. (UPDATE: Despite rumors that Patrick Harris has landed the gig, an Academy spokeswoman says there is no announcement planned.)

The Oscars have relied on TV hosts many times, from Johnny Carson on. But he knew the Hollywood community inside out. He was a member. New York-based TV hosts don’t perform as well. Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart grabbed mixed reviews. Would Stephen Colbert’s peculiar political sensibility work on Oscar night? He can probably do anything. I’d go for him. Who else?

With Jackman out of the running, let’s do the Oscar Host Poll again. I’ve added a few new names, however unlikely, that have cropped up. Let’s see who wins this one. New poll on the jump.

Who should host the Oscars?
Ricky Gervais
Neil Patrick Harris
Tina Fey
Steve Martin
Stephen Colbert
Billy Crystal
Robin Williams
Justin Timberlake
Whoopi Goldberg
Jon Stewart
Ellen DeGeneres
Chris Rock
Oprah Winfrey
Steve Carell
Kevin Spacey
George Clooney
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How about Craig Ferguson?


What about the Conchords?


Get Tina Fey AND Steve Martin to do it. Jackman is skilled, but a little oily.

Joe Valdez

It’s too bad the Academy Awards can’t go back to what they were in the 1940s and ’50s: a hotel ballroom, a podium, a couple hundred Hollywood luminaries. There was something elegant about that.

And you’re right, Anne, Johnny Carson but also Bob Hope were probably the best hosts the awards pageant ever had.

Crow T Robot

Forget edgy. Oscars don’t need to be edgy. The whole idea of turning art into a phony contest to make additional money off of is completely anti-edgy.

Besides, there’s a word for people in their twenties who still follow Oscars: Kris Tapley


I wanted Jackman. Too bad he doesn’t want to return. Sorry Academy, but there’s no reason for me to sit through your show this year…


I agree with Sergio – the Oscars is a bit too stuffy … needs to connect with a younger generation of viewers without alienating its base, and without being too “insider” or too political. I’d actually consider Jon Stewart and Tina Fey a bit risky as they too often than not go off on their own agenda.

I vote for Neil again.


The Oscars need to attract younger viewers and go edgy, but when they’re tried that before in the past it’s always wound up disastrously because the host is either forced to compromise too much like Chris Rock or is too “insider’ for the mainstream a la Jon Stewart. Tina Fey falls into the catagory as well. Then there always Degeneres who way too safe and too bland and the day she actually says something funny it’ll be the apocalyse. And besides no one in the business really wants the job anyway. It’s a thankless job with too many pitfalls. So I guess by default it’s Steve Carrell

Crow T Robot

The Oscars have become the Tonys.

And when they announce Patrick-Harris as the host — and they will — it’ll be official.

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