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I betcha anything the Melster gets the shit kicked out of him in this (always a Gibson specialty) but then he pulls out of martyrdom like a G-drunk fighter pilot just enough to revenge his family. Cause now he’s too flawed to actually save them (as in The Patriot).

Frances Willington

Mel Gibson can drink, womanise, make movies in obscure languages and about religion as much a she likes, who really caees? But thanks Mel for making a movie comeback in a thriller.


I’m curious to see how close it sticks to the plot of the 1985 BBC TV series (of the same name and also directed by Martin Campbell) that it’s based on. In the trailer some elements look similar, others look brand new. In the TV series it was environmental activism that the daughter was involved in. I’m intrigued by what I’ve seen so far, but Gibson will have to pull out all the stops to match Bob Peck’s intensely moving performance in the same role.


In the undying words of Valerie Cherish: I don’t need to SEE this.

Seriously, looks commercial enough to give Gibson a comeback vehicle. I’m curious if he will do the full publicity tour through the talkshows and how that is going to play out.


I am very pleased to know we will be able to see Mel Gibson soon on the big screen again, I do not believe people just runs out of talent because of a slight down in his life.
I know all of us, Gibson’s followers, will be supporting him on the theaters because, someone who has given so much to the film industry, deserves that and more.


I almost forgot Mel was an actor and not just a talented crazy. Seems like this is an odd casting choice – he doesn’t seem to pull off the boston accent well … almost feels like Damon or Wahlberg should be here – neither a “surprising” choice, but Mel feels like an odd pick.

Alan Green


gibson = polanski? and, who said anything about not forgiving gibson?


Interesting that some people in Hollywood find it harder to forgive Gibson than Polanski. Might want to reflect on that.

The trailer looks terrific. The growly, intense Mel is one of my favorite variations. And that tag line is priceless.


I’m actually really looking forward to seeing this. I love violent, hard core, action thrillers. They’re obviously hoping to catch that Taken vibe releasing the film in January. I think Gibson is more interesting now that’s he’s older, greyer, more weatherbeaten than his “pretty boy” early years Like Gary Cooper who got a lot more interesting and his movie roles more complex the older he got. And the director Martin Campbell, who directed Goldeneye, The Mask of Zorro and Casino Royale, is a good soild aaction director. (O.K. granted that Zorro sequel really sucked something awful)

But then again of course the OTHER Gibson. The looney, drunk, anti-Semitic, strange weird Catholic cult member, dumping-his-wife-for-his-pregnant-Russian-singer-mistress Gibson that gives me pause.

Also the casting of Ray Winstone, who replaced Robert DeNiro after he quit the first week of shooting, is really interesting


yeah, i thought the guy had quit. okay, i figured his career might be over

trailer looks very good if you’re into that 70’s spy vibe. the plot element where his daughter was involved with some kind of secret work could go either way. could be seen as a cold-war throwback that’s too convenient, or a contemporary twist — considering the environment we live in — that hooks the audience.

what’s hard to accept is that his daughter would be involved in (what i’ll assume is) anti-terrorist intel gathering. the script should address this issue, as in: daughter was so proud of her dad when she was growing up (gibson is a detective) that she decides to go into the same field, but on a larger scale.

otherwise, it seems too convenient that she does that kind of work (the kind where trained killers are ordered to take you out and your dad must track down the people responsible).

i’ll put my cards on the table — i figured gibson had gone looney. he may have — he doesn’t look looney in this trailer, however, he is an actor…

will get on disc (or, as the trend seems to be these days, watch it online). would expect the first act to be pretty tight, but the rest to be a bit of a test. don’t see this one doing huge business. hoping i’m wrong. maybe i’m the one that’s looney

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