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New Avatar Trailer is Up

New Avatar Trailer is Up

Thompson on Hollywood

I know there are a lot of Avatar naysayers out there but when the hairs rise on the back of my neck I know there’s something real going on. I felt it with Twilight and I feel it with this latest Avatar trailer which went up on Yahoo at 10 am PST (video on jump).

What more does a moviegoer want than something they’ve never seen before? The new Avatar trailer has added more action and depth. It hangs on Sam Worthington’s Jake Sully, who flies off to faraway Pandora to encounter the nine-foot tall blue Na’vi aliens. He enters this world full of hostile exotic creatures in the form of an avatar alien/human hybrid. And needless to say, James Cameron, the writer-director behind Titanic, is giving us action, danger, romance, and never-before seen visual effects–in 3D (which is obviously not operative with an online trailer). Will this sci-fi adventure wow enough general audiences to make back its ginormous budget? We’ll just have to find out on December 18.

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