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Trailer Watch: Damon Stars in Invictus and Green Zone

Trailer Watch: Damon Stars in Invictus and Green Zone

Thompson on Hollywood

It is more likely that Matt Damon will score an Oscar nom for Clint Eastwood’s Invictus, which slices into Nelson Mandela’s 1995 pursuit of the rugby World Cup to unify South Africa, than Steven Soderbergh’s offbeat The Informant! which has already faded from the scene. Damon plays the captain of the South African rugby team, Francois Pienaar, and Morgan Freeman inhabits Mandela. Invictus opens December 11.

Check out the Apple trailer and the Green Zone trailer on the jump.

For Damon’s next vehicle, the R-rated war thriller Green Zone, he rejoins his Bourne director Paul Greengrass. Set in the early days of the Iraq War, this movie looks great (and cost a fortune) but feels slightly out-of-date. Clearly this picture carries the political overtones that grunts-eye-view The Hurt Locker went out of its way to avoid. The movie, which was pushed back from its original 2009 release, opens March 12.

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Invictus looks like blatant Oscar fodder for me, but Greengrass and Demon so far have clicked like gangbusters when they get together so I’m real interested to see Green Zone. And you can’t have enough tough R rated action thrillers as far as I’m concerned

Michael Hughes

Man, Greengrass loves him some Moby. That’s a Moby song playing in the background of the second half of that trailer. Also, you’re right, that film does look a bit heavy-handed. I don’t know, I’ve never really bought Damon as a super serious actor. I enjoy him more in his slightly comic roles, and I thought he did a bang up job in “The Informant!”, as the touch of mania he brings to every role was perfect for his character in that film.


I will see Invictus on the day it opens. I’m familiar with the story, having spent six months in South Africa over the last year and a half (the Apartheid Museum in Jo’Burg has a great display on the Rugby World Cup). Also love rugby, played club level for two years, and became a fan of the Pretoria Blue Bulls during my time in South Africa. On a serious note, sport in South Africa reflects the still serious racial divides in the country and I think Matt Damon is an excellent choice to play the captain, and if anyone can play Mandela, I’d go with Morgan Freeman.

Alan Green

green zone costs a fortune? how much? probably too much. contemporary war movies don’t have much traction

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