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Twilight Saga: New Moon Clip: Lautner Turns into Wolf

Twilight Saga: New Moon Clip: Lautner Turns into Wolf

It’s hard to resist the lure of a new Twilight Saga: New Moon clip. The marketing folks at Summit are trying to turn Taylor Lautner into the next Rob Pattinson. He’s the new romantic interest for depressed Bella (Kristen Stewart) while her vampire lover has fled the scene (to save her life, natch). Well, while Lautner worked out like crazy to give himself some physical heft for his role as a werewolf, and has developed a following–he’s no Pattinson. The sequel opens November 19.

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I actually think Taylor Lautner will become a big star after NM. But no. We’ve seen Rob’s smoldering acting in many films, we’ve seen his hilarious, endearing interviews. You Taylor (sir) are no Robert Pattinson.

But give him time. The guy is only 17 years old right now. And he’s handling the fame pretty well so far. He may never be able to give insightful, interesting interviews, but I think he could be the next Tom Cruise type of actor down the road. As for Rob Pattinson, I’m hoping he keeps creating interesting characters, and expanding on his talent in the future. Cannot wait for REMEMBER ME. Thanks Anne. Your interview with Rob during the Twilight promotion last year when you were at Variety is still the best!


Exactly Taytay is no Rob. And summit is going the wrong way in shoving TL down our collective throat. He can become Schwarzie and he still wouldn’t be Rob. Charisma, charm, talent, star quality are not found in muscles.


so disappointing to see a mention of twilight on such a quality site from a quality mind

Ryan Sartor

It’s not Twilight, Alex, it’s New Moon. Just kidding. But seriously, I think it’s cool that Anne is commenting on things she’s interested in, and also items that are interesting in regard to pop culture – this isn’t reporting on where Brad & Angelina went to dinner last night. I think that to make ourselves only consider high art and to ignore any sort of pop sweet tooth would be to deny something essential.


LMAO you are SO RIGHT….Taylor is no ROB….not even close. Rob is sexy and sweet


how are people saying these are bad special effects? seriously, like what were you expecting a person to turn into a real live wolf? what the hell? the effects are fantastic, especially with the budget, and 1000 times better than twilight. jeez.


Some of the worst visual effects i’ve ever seen. Absolutely dreadful.


i love it so much..jacob is so hot when angry..♥ wow paul was really pissed off!!! good clip!!!

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