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Kevin Smith vs. Bruce Willis: “A Lion in Winter”

Kevin Smith vs. Bruce Willis: "A Lion in Winter"

Kevin Smith has been open about his difficulties directing Bruce Willis on the set of his new comedy co-starring Tracy Morgan, A Couple of Cops. “He’s undirectable,” he said. At the New Moon premiere Smith kidded producer James Jacks, saying, “Dude, why didn’t you tell me!” The movie may have turned out okay (here’s an early AICN review), but point is, Smith and I agreed, the glory days for stars are over.

With Hollywood in recession and the star system on the decline, fewer big-budget live-action movies are getting made and most stars can’t get their price anymore. Most are just searching for a good part. The golden era when stars can misbehave, throw their weight around, demand perks and make lives miserable is finally coming to an end. “He’s the lion in winter,” Smith said of Willis.

Smith does a Bruce Willis riff here–point is, he eventually came up with a part for the guy.

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Thomas M.

Kevin who? Seriously I don’t care what context Kevin Smith used, I will watch Hudson Hawk before I watch Kevin Smith give a 5 minute lecture on anything.


I suppose he played Bruce Willis in 12 Monkeys?


McHenry is right. I was at the Seattle “An Evening With Kevin Smith” just last month. When he says Willis is “undirectable” what he means is that Bruce Willis has been playing Bruce Willis for decades. He doesn’t do method acting, he’s always Bruce Willis. So he doesn’t need a director to tell him how to be Bruce Willis.

Either way, “A Couple of Dicks” is going to be fun to watch.

Anne Thompson

The sense I got was that Bruce Willis just did what he wanted (which is true of many movie stars). In effect, it was a “go with the flow” situation.

Ryan McHenry

I seen Kevin Smiths most recent show in October.He says that Bruce Willis is undirectable, but not in a bad sense. He literally says ‘I realised you can’t direct Bruce Willis to BE Bruce Willis.” Which is a perfect way of putting it. He chatted about how fun it was to work with one of his child hood icons. I think Bruce Willis is a great actor, I could imagine him being quite scary to direct to be honest, especially if you grew up on his movies!

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