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Oscar Watch: The Big Four Are Screening

Oscar Watch: The Big Four Are Screening

Thompson on Hollywood

I’ve seen Rob Marshall’s Nine and Clint Eastwood’s Invictus, but I am not allowed to write about them just yet. And I got my screening invite today for Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones. They start at the end of the week. I’ve been reading the Alice Sebold novel, which is as cool as I had heard. So I didn’t read Harry Knowles’ early review too carefully. I want to make up my own mind. But clearly, he loves the movie.

I got an invite to James Cameron’s L.A. Avatar premiere on December 16, but I can’t go to the film because I’m showing The Lovely Bones to Sneak Previews–our last night. So I’ll pop by the party afterwards. The first LA press screenings are December 10th and 14th.

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Alex C

ooooooooo cant you give us even a little tease on your thoughts on nine and invictus?


@anonymous: Marketers figure that any press outlet will only spill so much ink for any particular film, and it’s in their best interest that those articles, etc., come out closer to the film’s release. With the holiday season being as crowded as it is, buzz that builds too early can dissipate by the time the movie’s actually in theaters. Not a good thing.

As for the trend of journalists increasingly doing what marketers tell them to, that’s a different and more problematic story.


Why would they not want you to write about them now (if they are any good, that is)? Seems like all of these Oscar-begging movies would need the buzz that their early clips and trailers aren’t really providing.


John J. came to an entertainment blog looking for something substantive. How sad.

John Jeffries

“So I’ll pop by the party afterwards.” – really? who cares.

Michael Hughes

Woah, you have an invite to the Avatar premiere, and you can’t make it? Can I have the ticket? That would be awesome. Have your people call my people. Thanks.

Sean O'Connell

Why are these The Big Four? Simply because they are the last four? The directors have Oscar history, but so do many filmmakers in the race. “Big” is a deceptive term, as they might not be so big once screened (I’m looking at you, AVATAR). Maybe “The Mysterious Four” is a better, and more fair, tag.

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