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Oscar Watch: Tyson Throws Oscar Nod at LAX

Oscar Watch: Tyson Throws Oscar Nod at LAX

Thompson on Hollywood

Even if the legal fracas between a paparazzi and former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson winds up in a likely out-of-court settlement, the evidence points to a boxer punching a photographer in the face. Here’s the LAT report.

I feel bad for writer-director James Toback, who was informed by blogger Scott Feinberg of the airport brawl today. Feinberg read it on TMZ. Toback should not have to pay the price for Tyson’s actions. The trigger-tempered pugilist has never controlled himself and probably never will. But Toback’s documentary–which is in the hunt for an Oscar nomination–shows another side of the boxer: how he came to be the way he is. Toback had the smarts to pursue Tyson and get his cooperation at a time when he was vulnerable, undergoing therapy. The results in Tyson are superb.

Here’s my Cannes interview with Toback.

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I can’t feel sorry for Toback, he’s been bff’s with Tyson for years, he knows who he is and how he rolls.

I couldn’t bring myself to support the doc in theaters, so who knows if it’s any good, but I don’t think this incident rules out the “father’s loss” mercy factor.

Crow T Robot

Was the photographer one of those TMZ guys who famously camp out at LAX?

If so, factoring in the death of his child and his funny cameo in The Hangover, I’d say Tyson’s Oscar chances just INCREASED.

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