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The Pacific: Hanks, Spielberg talk WW II HBO Action

The Pacific: Hanks, Spielberg talk WW II HBO Action

The ten-part HBO mini-series The Pacific is a follow-up to Band of Brothers from World War II-obsessed exec producers Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman and Steven Spielberg. It follows a similar m.o.: hire excellent unknown actors to inhabit the characters we follow (Damian Lewis broke out from Band of Brothers). In this featurette, Spielberg describes how the soldiers not only faced a formidable enemy playing by unfamiliar rules, but a hostile natural environment. The series–which boasts a pricetag of more than $200 million, more than double that of 12-parter Rome–is the most expensive in HBO’s history. It launches March 2010.

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pg 2010

—Off point —anachronistic —seen-to-death, done-to-death PC WWII
retreads. —Who needs it?

Meanwhile, the looming and gargantuan implications of Hollywood,
and now OUR, decades of sellout and suck up to the most awesomely
genocidal regime in history —ACROSS the Pacific —remain utterly
ignored —even on this —the 60th Anniversary of the truly epic
and STILL unfolding —KOREAN WAR.

Maryland Clay

I watched all of Band of Brothers. Many times it was hard to watch.
It transported me, as thoroughly as any film could, into the boots of these guys. You realize shrapnel is shrapnel, a lost leg is a lost leg. A wound is a wound, whether received in Iraq or Okinawa. War is hell.
And the war in the Pacific, culminating with the atomic bomb, was very much so.
Spielberg and Hanks and the rest of the crew really hit the mark. I might even sign up for HBO this time.

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