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Twilight Saga New Moon: Saturday Night Live Spoof Firelight, Pattinson’s Next Moves

Twilight Saga New Moon: Saturday Night Live Spoof Firelight, Pattinson's Next Moves

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With Chris Weitz’s Twilight Saga: New Moon opening on November 20 (and Twilight reprising in theaters the night before), every media outlet worth their salt is trying to grab a piece of the Twilight fan base. Saturday Night Live is no exception. (See trailer for Firelight, starring Taylor Swift, on the jump.)

Yes, readers, I passed on the opportunity to cover the New Moon press day, after having covered two press conferences back in July at Comic-Con. And how could I top my one-on-one with Rob Pattinson last year? But I wonder if all this relentless coverage isn’t driving some people away at this point.

Even gossip maven Marc Malkin is crying enough already about all the crazy details surrounding the Twilight Zone, from Pattinson’s pregnancy to whether or not he and Kristen Stewart are dating. The doc Robsessed, about Pattinson’s career ascent, comes out this month.

Pattinson, 23, is still filming Eclipse, the third installment of Stephenie Meyer’s vampire quartet, in Canada. At the press conference he said that Breaking Dawn is set to start in fall 2010. He’s also lining up projects outside the Twilight franchise. (So far, micro-indie How to Be and art-biopic Little Ashes have not caught fire.) Summit will release Remember Me, the tragic romance Pattinson shot last year, in March, 2010. He’ll star in Guy De Maupassant’s erotic drama Bel Ami, to start in February. The western he signed up to do before Twilight hit, Unbound Captives, co-starring Rachel Weisz and Hugh Jackman, still hasn’t filmed. Pattinson would play a guy who was kidnapped at age four and raised by Comanches.

Luckily, the guy has a good head on his shoulders. He’s gone from ten days of work a year to non-stop filming, and seems to be handling this insanity by hanging on to a realistic perspective. Here’s a bit of what he said at the press conference:

I guess I’m still a little bit blind as to what my actual economic viability is outside of the series. I mean it’s definitely different. You get offered stuff that you would’ve never have dreamed of being offered before but that’s also scary as well. You don’t have to audition for anything and so you’re like, ‘Well, I don’t want to do a movie just because it gets made. I have no idea.’ It’s a scary situation to be in, in a lot of ways. You really have to question yourself a lot more than before ‘Twilight’. I did any movie that I got and you try to make the best of it afterwards. Now you’re expected to come into the movie and provide not only economic viability but also a performance as well because people are like, ‘You can’t just mess around. We’re employing you to be a star and an actor.’ So it’s difficult and it’s scary.

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“But I wonder if all this relentless coverage isn’t driving some people away at this point.”

Surely only the most non-committal filmgoers left on Earth (or just the male ones hehe) have yet to make a decision whether or not to keep watching this franchise. I can’t believe the endless, mainly fictional, gossip does anything but help keep the film and its cast at the top of public attentions.


I’m glad Robert has a good head on his shoulders and not just making movies to get rich! I like that he’s an avid reader and always goes by whether the script is good and he says he also likes to audition to see if he is right for the part!


I love your blog Anne.
I have been reading your posts since you were with Variety.
Your interview with Rob, done last yea,r is still one of the best done so far.
I cannot wait for that day when you’re going to do it again, hopefully not talking about Twilight.

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