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A Titanic Reunion

A Titanic Reunion

Gloria Stuart, still glowing at age 99, poses with her good friend and Titanic costar Suzy Amis

It’s hard to believe twelve years have come and gone since Titanic sailed into movie theaters. At the time of its release, most moviegoers were unfamiliar with Gloria Stuart, who played “Old Rose” in the story’s modern-day scenes, but movie film buffs knew it was the same actress who’d been a leading lady in such 1930s pictures as The Invisible Man, The Old Dark House, John Ford’s Airmail and The Prisoner of Shark Island, and two Shirley Temple vehicles, Poor Little Rich Girl and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Gloria earned an Oscar nomination for her performance in Titanic and subsequently published an autobiography, I Just Kept Hoping. Readers who were unfamiliar with her story learned that acting was only a small part of her long and productive life; she has an artistic soul and has been a successful painter and creator of limited-edition books for many years.

The Buckwild gallery welcomed a large turnout to celebrate Gloria’s latest art project.

Suzy Amis, who played Gloria’s granddaughter in the framing scenes of Titanic, went on to marry the film’s director, James Cameron, and retire from acting to raise a family. She has remained close to Gloria ever since their working experience, and was one of the many friends who attended a party in her honor at Buckwild gallery in Santa Monica in late November.

The occasion was the completion of one of Gloria’s extraordinary art projects, the Flight of Butterfly Kites. Here are some images from that gallery show, and a picture of the two Titanic stars twelve years after making movie history. P.S. Gloria Stuart is now 99 years old.


The gallery was alive with inventively designed and decorated kites.


Here is my favorite of Gloria’s kite creations:
an homage to Marc Chagall.

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Wow – I can’t belive it. She doesn’t look 100 years old at all. She looks like she’s 80 or maybe even younger. I wish that when or if I turn 100, that I’ll be that goodlooking. :-D


very nice for gloria keep going honey and god bless


I’m glad to know that they both are still contact with each other after “Titanic”, ’till nowadays. Also, happy to know that Gloria Stuart is 99 and still healthy, and I wish she could live over 101 – just like Old Rose.

By the way, I’ve bought James Cameron’s biography “The Futurist”, and thought it’s very great book. I enjoyed reading it a lot, and highly recommendation.

Lee Neville

What happened to Susy Amis? She was so cute in Titanic. What is it that happens to James Cameron’s women to make them age so prematurely? Same thing happened to Linda Hamilton.


I can’t believe it’s been 12 years since Titanic. Well, allI can say is good for Gloria,who looks as young as she did back in the day. It must be her beautiful butterfly artwork keeping her so young.

christine mertens

its so nice that the two of them keep in touch i loved them both in the movie titanic. take care and happy new year

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