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Golden Globe Nominations Announced, Bullock, Streep, Damon Get Two

Golden Globe Nominations Announced, Bullock, Streep, Damon Get Two

Thompson on Hollywood

The Golden Globes nominations have influence on Oscar voters, mainly in terms of steering them toward certain movies on their growing screener piles. The Globes nominations do not forecast the Oscars, and the musical/comedy category can be misleading. The Weinstein Co., which led the field with 12 nominations, is very happy this morning, as Inglourious Basterds, A Single Man and Nine scored multiple nominations. (The Road was shut out, however.) Paramount’s Up in the Air boasted the most, six, including best drama, actor, director, two supporting actresses and screenplay. Avatar earned four noms including best picture and director; ex-spouses James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker) will compete in that category. Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep and Matt Damon all scored two nominations apiece.

Bullock’s two nominations for The Proposal (comedy) and The Blind Side (drama) are big surprises. Does she have a shot at an Oscar nomination for The Blind Side? This nomination significantly improves her chances for landing the fifth slot. Bullock is a popular comedienne performing in a hit drama. It could happen.

Tobey Maguire (Brothers) should not be getting his hopes up for an Oscar nomination, nor should Robert Downey, Jr. (Sherlock Holmes) or Joseph Gordon-Levitt (500 Days of Summer). Even though A Serious Man‘s Michael Stuhlbarg grabbed a comedy nom here, The Hurt Locker‘s Jeremy Runner will likely take the fifth best actor Oscar slot.

Films unlikely to land Oscar noms include The Hangover, The Informant! and Duplicity. The HFPA has always adored Julia Roberts, and sometimes votes for stars they’d like to see attend the awards ceremony, which takes place at the Beverly Hilton on January 17.

The full list of nominations is on the jump and at indieWIRE.

While the Nancy Meyers relationship comedy It’s Complicated scored three nominations, it’s most likely to score with Oscar voters for original screenplay and supporting actor Alec Baldwin (who was overlooked by the HFPA). Meryl Streep could split the Oscar vote, but should earn her nomination for Julie & Julia; the Globes nominated her for both in the musical/comedy category.

Emily Blunt gets a much-needed boost as best actress for The Young Victoria; Helen Mirren will likely also score with Oscar voters for The Last Station, and Christopher Plummer as Leo Tolstoy could also land a supporting actor slot on Oscar nominations morning.

At the Oscars, look for Alfred Molina to score a nom in the supporting Oscars category for An Education, and Ponyo to replace Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs as animated feature. While the HFPA did not nominate (500) Days of Summer for best screenplay, that’s its best shot for an Oscar nomination. Although Stuhlbarg did land an acting nom in a comedy/musical and Eastwood was recognized for directing and score, both A Serious Man and Invictus were overlooked as best drama and comedy/musical, respectively. Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones could have used more support, earning only a supporting nod for Stanley Tucci.

Five films directed by women did well with the Globes: Meyers’ It’s Complicated earned three nominations for comedy/musical, actress and screenplay; Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker scored three nominations for drama, director and screenplay; Nora Ephron’s Julie & Julia nabbed a nom for Streep; Anne Fletcher’s The Proposal delivered a nom for Bullock; and Lone Scherfig’s An Education scored a nom for Carey Mulligan as best actress. On the other hand, Jane Campion’s Bright Star, with its cast of non-stars, was entirely overlooked.

“The Hurt Locker”
“Inglourious Basterds”
“Up in the Air”

“500 Days of Summer”
“The Hangover”
“It’s Complicated”
“Julie & Julia”

Kathryn Bigelow, “The Hurt Locker”
James Cameron, “Avatar”
Clint Eastwood, “Invictus”
Jason Reitman, “Up in the AIr”
Quentin Tarantino, “Inglourious Basterds”

Jeff Bridges, “Crazy Heart”
George Clooney, “Up in the Air”
Colin Firth, “A Single Man”
Morgan Freeman, “Invictus”
Tobey Maguire, “Brothers”

Emily Blunt, “The Young Victoria”
Sandra Bullock, “The Blind Side”
Helen Mirren, “The Last Station”
Carey Mulligan, “An Education”
Gabourey Sidibe, “Precious”

Sandra Bullock, “The Proposal”
Marion Cotillard, “Nine”
Julia Roberts, Duplicity
Mery Streep, “It’s Complicated”
Meryl Streep “Julie & Julia”

Matt Damon, “The Informant”
Daniel Day Lewis, “Nine”
Robert Downey, Jr., “Sherlock Holmes”
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, “500 Days of Summer”
Michael Stuhlbarg, “A Serious Man”

Penelope Cruz, “Nine”
Vera Farmiga, “Up in the Air”
Anne Kendrick, “Up in the Air”
Mo’Nique, “Precious”
Julianne Moore, “A Single Man”

Matt Damon, “Invictus”
Woody Harrelson, “The Messenger”
Christopher Plummer, “The Last Station”
Stanley Tucci, “The Lovely Bones”
Christoph Waltz, “Inglourious Basterds”

“A Prophet”
“Broken Embraces”
“The Maid”
“The White Ribbon”

“District 9”
“The Hurt Locker”
“It’s Complicated”
“Up in the Air”
“Inglourious Basterds”

“Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”
“Fantastic Mr. Fox”
“The Princess and the Frog”

Michael Giacchino “Up”
Marvin Hamlisch “The Informant!”
James Horner “Avatar”
Abel Korzeniowski “A Single Man”
Karen O, Carter Burwell “Where The Wild Things Are”

“Crazy Heart”
“Everybody’s Fine”

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Anne Thompson

Upon reflection, I am thinking that Bullock–a comedienne playing a juicy role in a hit drama– could get into the fifth actress slot over Marion Cotillard and Emily Blunt. There just aren’t that many candidates for that slot. The Lovely Bones is falling away–no momentum there for Saoirse Ronan. Bright Star’s Abbie Cornish is also not happening. Broken Embraces’ Penelope Cruz will wind up in supporting for Nine.

alan green

bullock’s noms may have been more shocking in the past. i don’t think so anymore. i think a rom-com and feel-good sports picture are as good vehicles for performances that will get awards attention as sweeping historical dramas have been in the past — better if no one did a sweeping historical drama.

besides, she’s up for best actress, right? she could have done some good acting. if the proposal and blind side were up for best picture that would be a bit jarring.

i suppose if you’re saying someone else should have gotten the nod and was excluded in favor of bullock…you might have something. i’m guessing it’s about the types of movies, though. i think those days are gone and we’ll be seeing the trend continue (or get worse, depending on your perspective).

it’s probably part of the changing of the guard — even if we’re talking about the globes voters as opposed to the more conservative oscar guys.


Can someone explain this to me, when did the Golden Globes become such a big deal? (And are they really?) Was it when they stopped being syndicated and being shown on network TV perhaps? It wasn’t that long ago when they were the biggest joke in Hollywood. There used to be a joke that you should never go to a restaurant when the Golden Globes awards were presented because you can’t get any service since all the waiters and waitresses are working at their other jobs at the Globes as members of the foreign press.

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