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mumblecore = fashionable?

mumblecore = fashionable?

A jump the shark moment or a chance to tap into wider awareness? This Sunday’s New York Times Style Magazine features Mumblecore filmmakers. Pictured, in a photo by Jean-Baptiste Mondino (excerpted above), “Medicine for Melancholy” director Barry Jenkins is featured in stylish new duds (that he had to return). In Facebook status update, he said that he, “is definitely still a ‘starving’ artist, despite what you may read in the paper.”

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Definitely closer to a jump-the-shark moment.

1) Mumblecore is not an artistic movement so much as a financial movement. Anyone who understands filmmaking knows this. What kind of movies can young people make without a lot of money and time? Probably stuff about your own life with people you know and easy-to-use locations like apartments, streets, and restaurants.

2) Are any of the pictured filmmakers actually associated with m-core? Only Jay Duplass really passes that test. You can’t have a discussion about the subject without Bujalski, Swanberg(s), Katz, Ross, Audley, Dunham, etc. I was happy to read that the first two declined to participate in this embarrassing little dog and pony show.

Also, I enjoyed Holdridge’s film, but it’s as far from mumblecore as indie film gets — tightly scripted and expertly, if conventionally, shot and structured.

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