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Oscar Talk Episode Fifteen: Avatar, Nine, It’s Complicated, Crazy Heart, Top Ten

Oscar Talk Episode Fifteen: Avatar, Nine, It's Complicated, Crazy Heart, Top Ten

Kris Tapley and I get serious about what’s going to happen in the next month. Avatar will gain momentum, we think, while Nine and Invictus could lose it. Which films will make it to the final top ten? We agree on the obvious front-runners. But what could sneak in? Quentin Tarantino likes Star Trek. Kris likes Crazy Heart and The Messenger. I like District 9. Could raucous comedy It’s Complicated score some noms? We also slice and dice the best director category, and discuss our fave holiday films, revealing a considerable generational divide: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation vs. Meet Me in St. Louis.

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I think people will re-evaluate the best supporting actress category, making it more competitive, and Robert DeNiro might sneak into the best actor category. The “Up” films will go down (too much genre comedy, too glib) and the downer films will go up as voters get serious, like in “man.” Some overly-hyped studio films might miss their flight, leaving that and other potential new positions open for films that don’t play the “Jew not a Jew” game (hello Eli and Inlglorious Basterds on its pandering synegogue tour!). And the best of the war films will prevail. Glib is out. Serious is the new black. The new black is Anthony Mackie by the way, as best supporting actor. Out will go Tucci, whose husband role isn’t big enough in Julie and Julia and Lovely Bones is dead on arrival also leaving Tucci at the sidelines for other more best picture worthy nominees. Avatar will live up to some, but not all of its praise, as ultimately voters won’t pull the trigger for actors that have blue noses.

alan green

agree re: district 9. what i’ve seen is strongly character-driven, beautifully written, and transcends genre sci-fi

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