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Oscar Talk Episode Thirteen: Avatar, Lovely Bones, Crazy Heart, Parties

Oscar Talk Episode Thirteen: Avatar, Lovely Bones, Crazy Heart, Parties

Kris Tapley and I discuss the week’s frenetic doings: National Board of Review, parties for The Hurt Locker, Crazy Heart and The Lovely Bones, and the upcoming sci-fi monster Avatar.

MTV has posted last week’s MTV live stream with Avatar’s James Cameron, Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington; here’s Time’s Avatar takeout By Rebecca Winters Keegan, who has also written a Cameron bio, The Futurist.

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George Zaver

Don’t know which SAG screening you were at but the response to the one I attended seemed very lukewarm except when the cast came out. Who would not applaud with those beautiful women and Daniel all in the panel. Ferggie’s musical number gets the only great response. The real singer / dancer in the cast. The female cast all did very good work but It did not translate to any magic on screen. EVeryone around me felt that it was all style and no substance. The always brilliant Daniel Day Lewis did no dancing and can barely sing.
”Up In The Air” definitely one of the best films of the year. Terrific screenplay. And excellent ensemble cast.


This early reception that “Nine” is getting seems so strange. I was really pleased when I saw the Variety review, but right after that, I checked the Hollywood Reporter, which had the complete opposite opinion. Overall, the early reviews are obviously mixed, but it’s interesting how even critics who despise it seem reluctant to completely write it off as an Oscar contender.

This is particularly weird because Oscar “frontrunners” that get bad reviews as soon as people actually see them are usually instantly declared D.O.A. I’m thinking of the likes of “Alexander”, “The Producers”, “Phantom of the Opera”, “Lions for Lambs” and “Australia”, and Marshall’s own “Memoirs of a Geisha”. So let’s see if “Nine” is more like this year’s “Moulin Rouge”, a love it or hate it musical extravaganza that enough Academy members get into for it to score major nominations. The positive SAG response certainly seems to bode well.

No matter what the critics say, it’s still my most anticipated movie of the year. I have huge admiration for just about everyone involved with this, the trailers have been stunning, and I love the period of Italian cinema it evokes.

I’m very happy about how “Up in the Air” is being received. I was afraid it might be considered too “light-hearted” for major awards, so it’s great to see it get its due, and it’s especially nice to see Kendrick as one of the frontrunners. It was obvious that the brilliant Clooney was going to get (very well-deserved) heaps of attention, but Kendrick was the big revelation in that movie.

And I would love to see “A Serious Man” get in in the main categories. I think it’s the Coens’ best film this decade, and more people need to see it.

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