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Oscar Watch: No Costume Nom Possible for Fantastic Mr. Fox

Oscar Watch: No Costume Nom Possible for Fantastic Mr. Fox

Thompson on Hollywood

For those who harbored hopes that Wes Anderson’s animated feature Fantastic Mr. Fox might be eligible for a costume prize, it isn’t. My pal Jane in the Academy would happily vote for it–even if it was shot in stop-motion. But when we looked up the credits, we saw no designer. I checked with Fox Searchlight, and they confirm that there’s no official costume designer for the film.

That’s because all the costumes were conceptualized by Anderson, reports Searchlight, “and then the production used real seamstresses to sew each and every tiny costume.”

Anderson himself was the main designer, because he came up with most of the ideas for how each character should be dressed. But that’s not going to sit well with costume designers in the Academy or the costume design guild awards.

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My son told me that the outfit worn by Petey was the same outfit worn by Jarvis Cocker when he stage-crashed Michael Jackson’s performance at the Brits. I didn’t notice that coz I did not know who was Jarvis then. But I noticed the orange crocs worn by Rabbit (Batali).


The costume and set design in this movie really are incredible. Each item so precisely conceived and made, becoming as essential to the look, tone and characterisation of this movie as they are in Anderson’s live-action movies. And it’s strangely touching to know he modelled some of the sets on Roald Dahl’s home.

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