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Pinocchio: 70th Anniversary Platinum Edition

Pinocchio: 70th Anniversary Platinum Edition

It’s a pleasure to report that everything about the new DVD release of Walt Disney’s Pinocchio is first-class. That includes the breathtaking restoration and the bonus features that fill a second disc. (I can’t review the commentary track because I’m on it, along with animator Eric Goldberg and Disney historian JB Kaufman, but I can tell you…

we had a great time recording it. You even get to see us in the BluRay “Cinexplore” picture-in-picture version, along with several great Disney artists who talk about the film in archival interview excerpts.)

What impresses me most is the effort that EMC West put into its lengthy historical feature about the making of this landmark feature (and yes, I’m one of the interviewees, but my contribution is minor). I learned things I never knew, and felt the same sense of discovery as I perused the well-produced materials on sequences that were planned for the film and then deleted. Even the unearthing of live-action reference footage shot by and for the animators is more extensive than I’d seen before, and better contextualized.

Pinocchio in a rectangular format. I don’t think it would harm children’s minds if they learned that older films didn’t look the same as modern ones, but I seem to be in the minority on that point. What really matters is that you can easily adjust the format to 1:33.(Walt Disney Home Entertainment)

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James Ciambor

Thanks Leonard to me this represents Disney’s zenith. Not only does Disney have many of his Nine Magic Old Men such as Milt Kahl refining Pinocchio. Though also it seems that many of the strikers before they retaliated in 1941 seem to have their own distinctive spin on the film.

Again the atmosphere is amazing but so is the the episodic quality it seems to me more adventurous and ambitious than Snow White. Exceptional character study as well Pinnochio becomes more and more developed through his life experiences.

The only con is that I had wished that the Blue Fairy wasn’t exclusively rotoscoped they had the potential based on their track record with the female anatomy through The Cookie Carnival, Snow White, and Ferdinand the Bull to animate something better than that.

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