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Trailer Watch: Sundance-Bound The Runaways Stars Stewart and Fanning

Trailer Watch: Sundance-Bound The Runaways Stars Stewart and Fanning

Thompson on Hollywood

The trailer is up for Sundance-bound rocker The Runaways starring New Moon co-stars Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett and Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie. The advance interest in this edgy indie at Sundance is huge.

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mary: what are you smoking?


Comparing this to Josie and the Pussycats is like comparing Walk Hard to Walk The Line. And Bandslam was famously mismarketed, which is no surprise seeing as how Summit can’t open anything that isn’t Twilight (see: The Hurt Locker)


Lee: The cast of “Walk The Line” has more appeal to older audience than other music films I had mentioned in this thread.

And then, Summit is doing excellent job for “The Hurt Locker”, which did very well in limited release and the film is going to get some major Oscar nominations; the film wouldn’t get this kind of success without Summit. (My friend at another distributor also praised Summit a lot for it.)

Summit also released other moneymakers like “Push”, “Knowing”. Despite of some lower-busdget misfires (sadly, “Bandslam” would be the biggese flop among them) , Summit is still going to be fine.

Alan: According to Hollywood Reporter, “The Runaways” was cost around $9-$10 million to make.

I’m sure that “The Runaways” would do better in ancillary markets (especially with the support of Sony). But I also worry that “The Runaways” is the kind of films which people would rather watch at homes than in theaters.

However, Bob Berney has enjoyed several unlikely success(including help a Sony dump to gross more than $8 million in limited theatrical release recently), so maybe there is still some hope for “The Runaways”.


The advance interest in “The Runaways” is huge at “Jennifer’s Body”-like level. (I had read an article which stated that “Jennifer’s Body” trailer was one of the most popular trailers on the internet for a while……) It means that many people are interested on this film…. but they may not want to see this film in theaters and would only rent the film on video.
Girls rock-music films just don’t tends to do well at box office: “Josie and the Pussycats” and the well-received “Bandslam” comes to mind. And unlike those two films, “The Runaways” would have sexual content and R-rating.

I’m not saying that “The Runaways” is definitely going to bomb, but it is a tough sell. (Anyway, if even a good distributor like Summit can’t save “Bandslam”, I just……)

alan green

believe runaways will do very well. could not have cost much, so should be fine.

i’m thinking there is a possibility this one will have wide appeal. may also be a hit at home/rental, tv/cable, etc. i can see this one playing regularly — at least once a year — on tv.

alan green

this looks so way good. did not think i’d be interested, but…

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