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Four Clips From “Howl”

Four Clips From "Howl"

Sundance officially kicks off tonight with one of my most anticipated films – renowned documentarians and first-time narrative filmmakers Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman’s “Howl.” Starring James Franco (!), David Strathairn, Jon Hamm (!!), Mary-Louise Parker (!!!), and Jeff Daniels, the film recounts Allen Ginsberg’s obscenity trial. Reactions from both myself and all of our criticWIRE participants should be available here starting tomorrow – but here’s three short clips to wet your anticipation:

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Franco is a great actor, daring, adventurous, but he is terribly, terribly miscast as Ginsberg, all financing considerations aside. The young man who once played James Dean simply can’t play Ginsberg; it’s just asking too much of the audience to believe someone this…handsome…could, with any authority, embody the poet. Hats off to him for taking the challenge, but the wrong people were obviously in charge here.

That being said, I wish them the best of luck with the film.

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