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Gaiman’s Statuesque Stars Nighy

Gaiman's Statuesque Stars Nighy

This lovely ten-minute silent Neil Gaiman short starring Bill Nighy is up on YouTube for the moment. This gifted fantasy writer’s books have not always translated to film, although Coraline did, quite well. I’d like to see what he would do with his own stuff.

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Bill Canter

I know Gaiman has die hard fans who cling to a past memory of his run on Sandman, but I find it hard to believe that anyone who actually saw this short film Statuesque directed by Gaiman could find it anything but incompetent. Statuesque was so mind-numbingly boring I could barely sit through 8 minutes. The music was awful and Amanda Palmer has no presence whatsoever. What each character feels was supplied by descriptions of the film but could hardly be discerned by viewing the performances which were anemic and just confusing.

Michael Hughes

I find Scientology completely abhorrent, but Jerry Maguire is still a great film. So even if Gaiman believes in a bunch of dangerous fantastical delusions, I don’t write off his work as not worth considering. Art is about understanding and appreciating the world around us, and Scientology and Scientologists, however misguided, are part of that world. “Statuesque” was a very interesting short film.


Gaiman and Palmer are Scientologists and Nighy either is one or is on their payroll since he was also in the idiotic Cruise nazi movie. Neil Gaiman’s first short film (John Bolton) was so awful it defies description, but I’ll try; wooden performances, a crappy plot ripped off from a bad Tales from the Crypt episode and dumb vampire women. Every script Gaiman has written is a sub-standard mess. Neil Gaiman spends a lot of time on his image and graphics and very little time learning his craft. He’s a mediocre writer and now he wants to direct? Any movie Neil Gaiman writes or directs will be a trainwreck. This one is stupid too.

Stan Cordray


Thank you for bringing this fine short to my attention. Bill Nighy is a favorite (The Girl in the Café is on my list of Best Films of the Decade That Didn’t Get a Commercial Run in My Home Village of Houston, Texas), and I’m looking forward to seeing Coraline on DVD (just haven’t gotten around to it yet). I also thank you for leading me to Terry Gilliam’s first short, in an earlier posting. Both have brought me much pleasure.

A few years ago I raved about The Umbrellas of Cherbourg to some friends, and one of them rented the movie herself. She loved it, and I was so proud – it was as if I had written and directed the movie myself (and composed the wonderful music). I hope you get a bit of this pleasure when you post entertaining links such as the Gaiman and Gilliam ones.

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