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Golden Globes: Sci-Fi Avatar Wins Director and Drama

Golden Globes: Sci-Fi Avatar Wins Director and Drama

Thompson on Hollywood

Golden Globes winner James Cameron is pleased that the success of Avatar will broaden the scope of future 3-D. “One thing Avatar could do because of its success is give permission to other filmmakers to think of 3-D as something that isn’t relegated to kids movies and animation,” he said backstage. “It creates a broad category and permission for filmmakers to use these tools. We know that 3-D is going to be big in the future. It’s a question of breaking out in breadth. It’s rolling into the home.”

Cameron also pointed out that Avatar was the first sci-fi film to win the best picture drama Golden Globe in its 59-year history. The other was E.T. He’s fighting for “the acceptance of science fiction as a form of legitimate drama,” he said. “It was a huge breakthrough when Sigourney got nominated in a sci-fi film for Aliens for best supporting actress,” he added. A big cheer went up in the press room for her performance hosting Saturday Night Live.

Thompson on Hollywood

While trying to make the point that his actors were acting, and not just doing voices, thanks to performance capture, Cameron criticized Meryl Streep for not understanding the difference between what the actors in Avatar were doing and what she did on Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Cameron also addressed Avatar‘s political controversy, seeking to clear up the suggestion that Avatar is anti-military.”The film is specifically anti-inappropriate-use-of-military-force,” he said. “Sam is a former marine, everything about him celebrates the Marine Corps and their core value system. He is a hero. Look to the hero of the movie, not the nemesis, for what the value system of the filmmaker is…We have to open our eyes and look at these leaders who put men and women on the ground for the wrong reason.”

When Titanic was taking off at the box office, Cameron told himself “to enjoy this ride, it’s never going to happen again.” With Avatar, he and producer Jon Landau thought they were pursuing “a shameless engine of commerce,” he said. They weren’t going to try and impress the critics. “Here we are again,” he said. “What the hell did we do?”

Cameron has ideas for a second Avatar picture and wants to stay with the film’s “great team, it’s like a family. It’s the closest cast I’ve ever worked with, the closest group of technical people and crew, we were locked in a grey room together for three years.” He might, however, go with a more modest straight drama The Dive, “an excellent script that I might do between this and next one. We have to map out a strategy. It’s too soon, we’re in shock. We haven’t been able to get off this ride, this roller coaster ain’t stopping.”

What Cameron may not want to think about is this: only one Golden Globe winner has won the best picture Oscar in the past five years.

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Now he thinks he invented the use of 3-D and he’s giving “permission” for others to use it? Why do people fall for this? Didn’t anybody see any of those other animated 3-D films or that horror film that was in 3-D this year? The Final Destination in 3-D? Frankly, they used digital 3-D much better than Jim Cameron did.

Stereoscopic films have been around for sixty years or more. It’s not new. It’s a gimmick that gets pulled out everytime theatrical box office needs to be boosted. For him to pretend that this is new is a joke. The sad thing is that the studios are now going to try to force just about every movie to be in 3-D. The filmmakers will need to have permission to NOT shoot in 3-D. Like Aronovsky was trying to do. If Cameron wants to shoot that way, he should, but other filmmakers should have the freedom to choose what format they want to shoot on. Not have one shoved down their throats just because a 3-D ticket has a premium ticket price attached to it. That will wear out its welcome pretty soon too.


I think that qualifies as comment spam. Mr. Blackwell he ain’t.

J.R. Holbrook

Fashion Designer John Robert Holbrook selects the 5 best and worst dressed celebrities that attended the 67th Golden Globes 2010.
( 5 BEST )
1 Taylor Lautner – OMG! How gorgeous is he!?
2 Jennifer Aniston – That Smile, Body and Dress! WOW!
3 Helen Mirren – What a lovely, well spoken beauty!
4 Josh Duhamel – We all want to win a date with him!
5 Reese Witherspoon – Our favorite California Blonde!
( 5 WORST )
1 Cher – She looks great, but a little to much goth and bondange!
2 Meryl Streep – What a talent, what a horrible Lane Bryant Dress!
3 George Clooney – OK “GUY rilla”! Shave already!
4 James Cameron – DUDE! You are my favorite Director but a grey bowl haircut and huge bow tie!? REALLY!
5 Mariah Carey – HOLY SH*T! Holy pear shape!
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