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Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Expands

Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Expands

Thompson on Hollywood

After a successful platform launch in four theaters, Sony Pictures Classics will expand The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus to about 400 theaters on January 8. Not sure how many moviegoers will be wooed by this TV spot. Most likely the film, Heath Ledger’s last, will sell well when it is released on DVD, when the movie’s devoted fan site will be included in the extras.

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What careers??

Anyone know when the DVD is coming out?


Being a devoted fan of both Ledger and Gilliam, I’ve seen the site too. I have to admit I’ve checked the homepage from time to time if only to get info on opening dates.

But having seen what I’ve seen, it seems to me painfully clear that there are a handful of members, particularly one or two, who are hoping to latch on to the generosity of the Gilliams in order to further their own careers.

I really do hope that there is not going to be anything extensive in the extras about the fansite, because sadly, that would ruin it for me.


@ Johnson, here here! Seen the site. There seems to be a few genuine Gilliam fans, a bunch of Ledger fans and maybe one or two desperate souls trying to make a name for themselves. Whatever. I hope the man doesn’t have a support campaign attached to him for the rest of his career. That would be weird. Sheesh. The real long standing genuine fan site is called Dreams, check that one out.


Addendum to the above post: Just stating that I am a longtime Gilliam fan and supporter, and not a representative of the above-mentioned fansite, simply an admirer of what they’re doing for Mr. Gilliam.

As for you, Mr. “Johnson”, no retraction.

And I have a rocketship and you don’t.


Yeah, I didn’t give a shit when I was trying to convince people to check out Tideland either, and I’m just jumping on the bandwagon again now. I’m almost as “pathetic” as someone who spends his time putting down people he doesn’t know (in anonymous internet forums, no less) over something he apparently doesn’t care about.

We’re all winners!!!

Oh, and I write better than you, so you suck.

ps. And I also have a bigger penis, and more friends, so there.


That devoted fansite didn’t give a shit when Terry Gilliam didn’t make movies with Heath Ledger in them. (oh wait, they didn’t care when ledger was alive in Brothers Grimm either, hmmm). Curious to see if they’ll care beyond this. Probably only if because they have access now and are surely wowed by sucking at that teet. They’re all quite pathetic.

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