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Matthew Goode Calls Out Weinsteins’ Handling of “Single Man”

Matthew Goode Calls Out Weinsteins' Handling of "Single Man"

New York Magazine has this interesting interview with “A Single Man”‘s ridiculously gorgeous Matthew Goode (the reason that, yes, some day I will see “Leap Year”), in which he discusses The Weinstein Company’s curious handling of the film’s gay content.. calling it “wicked”:

“And how does he feel about Moore taking his spot on the poster for Single Man, in which he stars as Colin Firth’s dead lover? “That was always a bit weird, isn’t it? That’s obviously a kind of push towards, ‘America won’t come and see this if they don’t want to see a gay movie.’ We shot the film during Prop 8, with all that was going down in California — big irony. It’s disappointing. But, hey, if you recruit money and you’re gonna make money out of it, far be it from me to get in the way. I’m sure they’ve done their figures and they know they’re going to make X, Y, Z more if they do that. I think it’s a bit wicked, but I don’t have millions of dollars pumped into it, so I think that’s what you have to do.”

Check out the whole interview here, and then enjoy reminding yourself what Matthew Goode looks like:

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Paul Mendenhall

He may be cute and a good actor, but apparently he can’t put together an intelligible sentence. I couldn’t make head-or-tails of his comments.


love him so much………one of the cutest guys ever on the planet……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i want to marry him! he is sooooo sexy.

Sunmi Choi

i was interested in my husband only.
but you are special, i checked ur name
and search u now.
you are so cool ^_^
take care~

from South Korea


oh I love him,he’s a very good actor and so cute and handsome…


OMG i love him!!!!
he is sooo cute!!!!
and soo handsome!!!!!

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