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NBC Settling Conan Departure, Late Night Goes Wild

NBC Settling Conan Departure, Late Night Goes Wild

Thompson on Hollywood

Finally, Conan O’Brien is close to settling with NBC, which (thanks apparently to Universal chief Ron Meyer) is not only paying the talk show host off, but letting him go work for someone else. Leno, who has been hammered relentlessly, along with NBC and NBC Universal chief Jeff Zucker, will stay.

Check out this assemblage of Late Night craziness: Leno vs. O’Brien, Kimmel vs. Leno.

The Tonight Show is for sale on Craig’s List.

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Just wild conjecture, but Zucker’s buyout package may be too huge to fire him? Whatever, his reckoning is coming.


I forgot to make one more point in my earlier post. This question has been asked but not often enough. Everyone is focusing on Conan and Leno.

Why hasn’t Zucker been fired???? I don’t get it. He tries to pass the blame off on Conan but the whole mess is HIS baby and he’s the guy responsible for it all.

Why hasn’t there been any noise about booting him out of NBC???


Grow as a performer? He has been doing talk shows since ’93, how much more growing can he do. I think he was more than ready to host the tonight show.


I’ve been a fan of conan’s for years and i think if leno had any cajones he’d tell nbc to go f off and retire for good. Letterman should then retire and only stay on as a producer and invite coco to take over and with craig to back him up make an awesome 1 2 punch and destroy nbc in late night once and for all.


It was Conan who threatened to leave back in 2004 unless he got the Tonight gig — now he’s getting his karmic comeuppance – he should have stayed, growed as a performer and interviewer and wait for a natural transition to occur. Instead, he threw an ultimatum at NBC and now they both are paying for it.


Too bad CBS just doesn’t boot Letterman (his funny ended many many years ago) and take on Conan

Blue Silver

I’m with Jay! Sure, he’s getting a terrible rap, but it’s NBC pulling the strings and making this a huge media blitz!! I’m sure most will board Leno’s bandwagon in a few weeks and all this will be behind us!! The only villain, if any, I see in this is NBC!!

Jerry at the Movies

Before we get our shorts electrified on a Late Night War fence, according to Parade magazine and a source close to Leno, Leno is furious with NBC and may leave the network altogether. And that will be the end of the Tonight Show as we know it.


A number of people screwed Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno is at the front of that line.


@Jerry – I’ll one up you… I’ll never watch NBC – for news, sports, comedies, sitcoms, awards shows, whatever – so long as Leno is there.


My viewing of the Tonight Show goes all the way back to Johnny Carson. Heck, I even remember when Steve Allen had the show.

Johnny Carson had class, when NBC screwed over David Lettermen, it was Johnny who advised Lettermen to stand up against them and walk. Conan O’Brien has shown the same kind of class Carson had, while Leno has once again revealed the Weasel that he is…(On a side note Jerry Seinfeld can go fist himself.)

I’ll never watch the Tonight Show again while Leno is there.


Jay Leno is such a douche, I hope his show fails and all his cars gets destroyed, that’d be a fate worse than death for him.

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