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Oscar Talk Episode 19: Heading Toward Noms, Bullock vs. Streep, Avatar vs. Hurt Locker

Oscar Talk Episode 19: Heading Toward Noms, Bullock vs. Streep, Avatar vs. Hurt Locker

Thompson on Hollywood

Kris Tapley and I took a week off while I decamped to the Sundance Film Festival. As we head toward the DGA Awards Saturday and Oscar nominations Tuesday morning, we forecast sure things and possible surprises, debate strengths and weaknesses of Golden Globes winner Avatar, SAG ensemble-winner Inglourious Basterds and PGA winner The Hurt Locker, and wonder if glam awards-newbie and SAG-winner Sandra Bullock (with momentum behind her) could actually beat admired-but-familiar Oscar-veteran Meryl Streep.

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i didn’t think meryl convinced me as julia child in julie and julia, give the oscar to carey mulligan for her astonishing role in an education !


I loved Basterds and thought The Hurt Locker was extremely powerful. However after having seen Avatar in Imax I have to go with it for film and director- it was amazing.
Why no noms for Moon or Star Trek? Thought they were easily two of the best films last year.


Streep deserves it over Bullock. I didn’t quite get all of the hype over The Blind Side, especially Bullock’s performance. She was good, but not phenominal! I DO think, however, that the academy will hand her the award.

Best picture should go to Avatar. I felt like the Hurt Locker was one of the most boring movies I have seen all year!!! In fact, I saw it with a group of 7 people and not ONE of us enjoyed it. Not sure why it deserves all the acclaim. Avatar was incredible. Basterds was good too.


GREAT broadcast! Very thoughtful and insightful. You have a new fan.


Hurt Locker is a great film and is very well directed but one does have to pause with the box office smash that Avatar has brought upon us…


Carey Mulligan please! Please!!!! Stop that nonsense with Meryl Streep. Why giving an Oscar to Streep for all her carier? Sandra Bullock… ehhh. Best performance of the year, that is what we should talk about. Mulligan is the one this year. She deserves it!

T-Bone Streep

Meryl Streep has to win this year! She deserved it last year too but Kate just had to get her first oscar at least. Jesus Sandra Bullock has done nothing but crap in her hole carrier, and she will get an oscar after all that? The thing is that Meryl is always the winner, but the academy cant give an oscar to her every year but i think this year is her year. Go Meryyl :)


Can they please just give Meryl her Oscar? It has been 27 years, and she gets put off every single year, because everyone knows she is the best and will give another great performance next time around, and that is not fair. Just because Sandra Bullock always does the fluffy, romantic comedies, and she finally did a successful drama, that she deserves an oscar for it? no. she doesn’t. I like Sandra Bullock, don’t get me wrong, but she is playing someone that no one knows. Meryl is playing an American icon, everyone knows who julia child is and her voice and the way she was, and it is ridiculous if she does not win the oscar this year. It’s not fair, and 27 years is insane, she deserves it. She deserved it in 1987 for A Cry in the Dark, she deserved it in 1996 for The Bridges of Madison County, and she deserved it last year for Doubt. It’s time for Meryl to get her 3rd oscar at least, the woman should have 6 by now.


I think and my instinct tells me also that Meryl Streep will win the Oscar. She is long overdue. And I´m tired of the sentence “she can win next year”. I`m hearing this now for 27 years. I´m from Germany and we don`t know Julia Child. As I saw the movie Julie&Julia; I forgot that this is Meryl Streep. Please give her the award finally. I´m also tired of getting up at 3 a.m. to watch the Oscar Show. I know this is selfish. I´m sorry. Slowly but surely it is getting ridiculous, if the Academy is nominating Streep all the years and they don`t give her the award.

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