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Oscar Watch: Tarantino vs. Cameron vs. Bigelow vs. Reitman vs. Daniels

Oscar Watch: Tarantino vs. Cameron vs. Bigelow vs. Reitman vs. Daniels

Thompson on Hollywood

On the plane to Salt Lake City, I was listed A 01 on Southwest for the first time, like first class, and got out before they shut down some southern California flights due to high winds.

I laughed out loud reading John Horn’s five-director confab in the LAT–Quentin Tarantino, Jason Reitman, Kathryn Bigelow, James Cameron and Lee Daniels. These are the DGA nominees and likely Oscar nominees on Feb. 2.

The Q & A reveals what can happen when you put competitive alpha males in a cage–and that includes Bigelow. They were all topping each other with tales of bravado, and Cameron won the day. (I’d bet on him in a game of Survivor.) Who can top pulling out an unloaded gun with the producer who wants to go over some script notes?

It’s a wonder Horn got out alive.

[Photo courtesy LATimes]

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Nick Ramsey

Speculation on the casting mistakes referred to in the roundtable?


Cameron is bragging that he pulled a weapon to get his way. If you can’t get your way through dialogue and collaboration, then maybe you shouldn’t get it at all. I wish someone had pulled a gun on HIM and made him cut out all that stupid stuff in his film. It’s about a half hour too long and full of stupid dialogue. But when he is his own bad editor and bad writer, then all of that fat in his film is not going to go. When he makes $500 million dollars with garbage like this, the studios are going to roll over and let him do whatever he wants. He never needed a gun. Just a can of cheese whiz.


Dances with A-holes: I was going to get into a discussion with you about Cameron’s supposed lack of originality, until I read your username.


Interesting to see how little airtime Bigelow had in the interview.. I would have liked to hear more from her.


@Dances with A-holes,
Come on, no need to be pretentious about the whole thing, its just a light-hearted interview about their movies. What’s with all the vitriol and hatred for James Cameron and Avatar anyways? I loved that movie, but I guess whenever things become popular, it becomes “cool” to bash it. Just like everyone did with Titanic when that made all the boodle and took the gold statues.


That was a great interview. Can’t wait to see the Oscars this year, it’s most definitely going to be a ceremony like the 2004 Oscars, when one movie sweeps nearly all the awards, except for the acting ones. Go Jim!

Dances with A-holes

That “who can be the biggest a-hole” trick may play with the PGA, but not with Oscar. Why do you think nice guys like Ron Howard always win? Not because of pulling guns on people or firing crew.

And by the way, I think another director used that gun trick first. Is there anything Cameron can say or do that is original?

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