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#Sundance: Gosling, Cianfrance Talk Blue Valentine

#Sundance: Gosling, Cianfrance Talk Blue Valentine

Thompson on Hollywood

One of the hits of Sundance 2010, Blue Valentine will sell, eventually, and be seen around the country. It features two of the best performances of the year, from Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams as a couple who are no longer in a working marriage. Writer-director Derek Cianfrance seamlessly weaves together footage of their initial romance and the two teetering on the edge of breaking up. (Here’s Karina Longworth’s review. )

In this two-part flip-cam conversation, Gosling and Cianfrance range from the specifics of this movie and the state of marriage to the virtues of indie movies and shooting in an improvisatory style:

Part One:

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Part Two:

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Francesca Sophia

Blue Valentine is my favourite film of the past few years. I saw it last night, and still haven’t fully recovered. The script, the characters, the whole structure of the film– it’s such a starkly real, honest, but beautiful film, and you can really tell when the actors become the characters. I love Cianfrance’s style, (although there were minor visuals that I thought could be improved – but mainly I was so entranced by the story and characters it didn’t much matter) and Gosling’s view on acting I find really admirable, and as a writer I feel similar when I explore characters, acting has always been so fascinating to me – dealing with your own experiences and views in relation to your character… Blue Valentine is a film that makes you question and think so much, while at the same time I personally understood everything the characters did and said, without it ever being spoon fed… It made me want to make a film, and to me, that means it’s something truly special, not many films inspire me that profoundly. I admire the filmmakers and actors so much, and hope one day I’ll have the oppotunity to make a film with this much freedom, with actors this unforgivingly real, and passionate. Well done to everyone involved. Truly, a special film.



Looking forward to seeing it. Michelle Williams needs a good vehicle. By the way, have you seen 3 Backyards? I haven’t see any review press about it.

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