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#Sundance: Mark and Jay Duplass Talk Cyrus

#Sundance: Mark and Jay Duplass Talk Cyrus

Thompson on Hollywood

When Mark and Jay Duplass convinced Fox Searchlight to back their new movie Cyrus, they insisted that they be allowed to make a Duplass brothers movie: strong story, naturalistic acting, hand-held digital cameras. But they jumped from a $50,000 budget to $7 million, and hired name movie stars. In this bizarre, intimate, unpredictable and often hilarious family drama, Jonah Hill gives the performance of his career as a pampered mother’s boy who freaks when his mom (Marisa Tomei) brings home a new boyfriend (John C. Reilly).

In this two-part flip-cam interview, the brothers explain their process. They start with a script, but allow their actors to take off from there.

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Find more videos like this on AnneCam

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only good thing about this flick is marisa tomei because of obvious reasons, k that being said this particular piece of art is trash its dull, dry slow and drawn out, could have done something better in my basement and i dont have a basement….and thats all i have to say about that!
I never get that hour and a half back, this is straight doo doo

Jake Yenor

I saw these guys and this movie the other day at the Michigan Sundance thing. Hilarious guy and a great movie.

– Jake Yenor

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