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What’s Next for Avatar Sequels?

What's Next for Avatar Sequels?

Thompson on Hollywood

It’s not news that Fox, Lightstorm and James Cameron expect to push through an Avatar sequel or two. They want to capitalize on all the time and money that went into creating the Weta “rigs” for the CG characters. Now they’re up and running, ready to go.

So what should the sequels be? We have the Na’vi tribe, the couple Jake and Neytiri, and the moon Pandora. But there are other tribes, other moons. What’s cooking in Cameron’s mind? MTV has some suggestions. What would you like to see?

For those of you debating the worthiness of Cameron’s Avatar screenplay, Rope of Silicon has a downloadable Avatar script.

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It’s obviously “The Corporation Strikes Back.” A siege film, a la “Zulu,” but on a planetary scale.


Maybe the corporation comes back and, because they have the incredible power of FTL travel, and all the commensurate technology that goes along with that, they simply drop super-tanker-sized asteroids on the planet until it’s nothing but a moon, then strip mine it to their hearts’ content.

Old Fart

I’d like to see Lang’s character, Col. Quaritch, come back from the dead fully merged and fused with his mobile suit and become this giant walking mecha monster who does a Rambo on the Navi and gets revenge for all his dead men. And then he calls in the troops to come on in and help themselves to the Unobtanium and save the free solar system. A happy ending!

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