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a sense of optimism?

a sense of optimism?

Hello from Germany…

Maybe its just the jet lag talking, but — on a very cold night here in Berlin — the news of the return of New Yorker Films yesterday and now the launch of a new distribution company today from Paul Federbush and Laura Kim gave me a warm sense of optimism for getting indie, foreign and doc films into theaters.

Anyway, I’ve slept about 3 hours in the last 36, so I’ll stop there for now.

But, what do you think??

Tegel Airport in Berlin, this morning.
photos by eugene hernandez

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I think it is a sign of hope. I am part of a coalition of film-maker launching an online distribution company next month. Offering the lion’s share of revenue to film-makers, allowing them to keep their rights, and providing opportunities for screenings at New York’s Tribeca Grand Hotel, we are hoping that film-maker will join us in taking the future of their films into their own hands. The consumers are still there, it is the giant inefficient middle-men that are disappearing.

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