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Bloggers R Us: Condon Developing Hollywood Blogger Show

Bloggers R Us: Condon Developing Hollywood Blogger Show

Thompson on Hollywood

Is it Finke, Waxman or Thompson?

Writer-director Bill Condon (Dreamgirls, The C-Word) and Cynthia Mort (Tell Me You Love Me) are developing a half-hour Hollywood blogger comedy series, Tilda, for HBO.

Yikes. She’ll be nasty and blonde. Trust me.

UPDATE: If they’re throwing other names out there, it’s to keep the notoriously litigious Finke at bay. Gawker called her up for a rare on-the-record interview. “Why are you so fucking fascinated with me?” Finke told them. “Get a life.” She’s saving her explanation of her relationship to the HBO show for her blog, natch.

Here’s THR, while Movieline posts casting breakdowns.

[Nikki Finke illo by Jaime Hernandez, The New Yorker]

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I’m sure, if Finke is attached in any way (kinda like a hiker and a foot rash) the show will get 13-14 Nielsen rating … in her own mind.

Ginger Liu

You are right. She will be nasty and blonde. Not sure why anyone is interested in TV/films about journalists, (tons of female magazine editors…zzz) TV execs or bloggers in the 21st century. Back in 70’s it all seemed very glamorous and I wanted to go grow up to be a wise cracking, smart dressed New York journalist with great hair. Now everyone writes, everyone blogs, everyone takes pictures. Celebrity is achingly boring. Where’s the glamour?


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