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Oscar Talk Episode 20: Parsing the Noms, Blind Side and Surprises

Oscar Talk Episode 20: Parsing the Noms, Blind Side and Surprises

Thompson on Hollywood

While Kris Tapley and I were prepared for today’s Academy Award nominations, a few things caught us by surprise. We discuss today’s news and forecast where the Oscar race is heading: from Avatar vs. Hurt Locker to Bullock, Streep, those Inglourious Basterds and Up in the Air.

UPDATE: To clarify my comment about The Hurt Locker adding to its gross post-nominations, while Summit released The Hurt Locker on DVD on January 12 (which helped to support their awards effort), they are re-releasing the best picture nominee on over 100 screens this weekend.

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Thanks for the great podcasts, Anne and Kris – the Academy should pay you guys! Sad, though, to hear you virtually concede the Best Actress award to Bullock – i know this is your objective opinion, but what a pity that it’s ‘momentum’ that seems to determine the winners. The performance should be the criteria, otherwise the process is really cheapened. Fortunately this does not apply for awards by, say, the NY Film Critics Circle, who can reward the gem of a performance by Streep in Julia & Julia, and not be distracted by hype and ‘newness’. To me , these awards have much more prestige than the Oscars, where razzle dazzle is da name of da game! Of course Streep makes it look toooo easy, and is hugely taken for granted, but this makes it really disgusting that she is overlooked. Roll on, March 7, and may The Hurt Locker/Bigelow/Streep make the headlines!

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