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Penelope Cruz Cast In Next Von Trier Film?

Penelope Cruz Cast In Next Von Trier Film?

Word on the internets is that Lars von Trier said in a Danish TV interview that he’s cast Penélope Cruz in the lead role of his next movie, “Melancholia” (a title that suggests more sunshine and lollipops from Lars). The film is being described as both a “psychological drama and a disaster movie.” Considering von Trier’s tendencies with his female characters (spoiler alert, but: hanging themselves, selling their bodies in shipyards, mutilating their genitals), our dear Penélope is in for a bumpy ride. Though I fear for Cruz’s emotional well-being, I can’t say I’m not excited… horrific tendencies aside, von Trier has arguably got four or the best female performances in recent memory out of Emily Watson, Bjork, Nicole Kidman and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

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