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Rupert Murdoch's Pandora's Box

This was hysterically funny! Thanks to SNL for bringing to attention the stupidity of some of the popular escapist films that don’t deserve nominations (and the disgusting hype by the corporate synergistic entertainment news shows and their shrewlike shills that buzz about these garbage films). Newscorp’s Avatar is the highest on that list, the cinematic equivalent of junk food.

If the film is so good, why does James Cameron have to buy up CNN time to “explain” or “educate” Hollywood about “how good” it is? The movie should speak for itself. That it doesn’t, that it is full of piss poor acting, awkward storytelling and that Fox News’ Murdoch has to put something about AVATAR on every media channel in a blitz, proves that this is far, far from best picture material. It’s not a movie, it’s a marketing campaign. Thanks to SNL for recognizing that! Ha ha!


I felt just the opposite. Has SNL done ANYTHING really funny in the last ten years. The Oscar nomination joke you could see coming a mile away. As far as I’m concerned the show jumped the shark when those good old days with Belshui/Murray/Ratner period were over. (The Eddie Murphy years definitelt had its moments)

Yeah I have to go back THAT far!

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