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Twilight’s Pattinson Tests Marquee Value with Remember Me

Twilight's Pattinson Tests Marquee Value with Remember Me

Thompson on Hollywood

A fellow-Hollywood scribe (who tends to like a lot) has seen Summit’s Rob Pattinson romance Remember Me and says it’s strong. (I’ll see it soon but can’t write about it yet). This “family” trailer (below) is much better than the last one.

How the movie opens March 12 will be a true test of Pattinson’s marquee power outside the Twilight franchise. Will women flock to see him playing a regular guy who isn’t Edward Cullen? The fact that it’s a sincere romance with father/son conflict (and not a formula romantic comedy) should work in its favor, along with a solid ensemble including Lost‘s Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper. I don’t have a handle on director Allen Coulter, who fumbled Hollywoodland but boasts strong TV credits (Damages, Rome, Nurse Jackie, The Sopranos, Sex and the City). While I have always been on Team Pattinson, so far his extra-curricular work has been in the less than inspiring European art films Little Ashes and How to Be.

UPDATE: New Details cover on the jump.

Thompson on Hollywood

Meanwhile Summit has confirmed that Breaking Dawn, which Melissa Rosenberg is again writing, will be shot in two parts, back-to-back. The controversial final installment of the Twilight saga resolves the issue of Bella going over to the vampire side. No director has been named. David Slade’s Eclipse is wrapped, set to open in June.

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Some clips from the movie have just begun to pop up. It has a very mellow, naturalistic yet gritty feel to it. Could actually be good.

Josh Tate

Fumbled “Hollywoodland”? Huh?? I admit I wasn’t blown away the first time I saw it, but it’s held up very well to repeat viewings.


It is sad to me that so many people find it so easy to say mean spirited things while sitting behind a computer. It would be nice if they could find a more productive way to spend their time.


LOL @ Laura’s desperate attempt to to sell Robert Pattinson’s acting and that men will pay to go watch his movies. When fangirls have to go from site to site trying to convince the public to see your movies there is a problem. The movie is still a cliche about poor little rich White boy with Daddy issues who is saved by the love of a blonde woman. Pathetic twist ending and all. It’s anything BUT original. I can come up with at least 30 movies from the last decade with the same elements.


So basically it’s just rip-off of Rebel Without A Cause?


This film is very strong, just read these reviews of a eary screaning from 2 men…

“Watched a rough screening of a movie called ‘Remember Me’. It was very original, acted well, and intense. The actor from Twilight definitely shows intense acting in this and at the same time he is playful and sweet with his girlfriend in the movie. The movie wasn’t edited, yet it was one of the best movies I’ve seen. Yes I’ve seen Avatar and District 9! I highly recommend this movie.”

“I never really gave thought about Rob Pattinson as an actor but he was astounding in Remember Me. His chemistry with his father, younger sister, best friend, mother, and girlfriend were so well acted. I couldn’t even tell if he was the bad actor from Twilight. He’s much beyond Twilight. I very much enjoyed the film. Pierce and Rob really showed intensity throughout the film.”

and trust me their is more of this out there from the people who watched the test screaning in L.A last year and Its all good.


Ha! Who needs publicists when you have the R-patz brigade lurking everywhere on the web? I’ll wait for the reviews to come on before deciding whether to see this or not.


I certainly hope he can draw in a huge crowd to Remember Me. So far, Summit has been playing it smart (for once) marketing wise. I really hope all his hard work pays off. Plus how can you go worng with such an solid cast?


Glad to hear someone has seen it and thinks it’s strong. I look forward to your comments Anne.


Glad to hear someone thinks it’s strong. I have been waiting to hear some news on this film. I look forward to your thoughts Anne.




@ Angela: Do you always judge a movie that you haven’t seen yet by your dislike of an actor? Just curious.


Angela, have you seen it?

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